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LANDESK & WinMagic Partnership

Unified Endpoint Management meets Unified Endpoint Encryption.


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SecureDoc Wins Outstanding Product Achievement Award

CATAAlliance Honors WinMagic Solution and Executive for Technology Innovation

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SecureDoc for Best Encryption 2014!

SecureDoc has been named a winner in the annual, SearchSecurity Readers’ Choice Awards in the Best of Encryption 2014 category.

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The Key to Secure Cloud File Sync & Share

WinMagic's SecureDoc Cloud solution seamlessly encrypts files and manages encryption keys before saving in the Cloud

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Making it Easy to Secure Data


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One console, any platform.

One console,
any platform

No matter where corporate data resides – on any device in any location, running any operating system (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS) – SecureDoc protects and centrally manages it's encryption, making lives easier for IT and security administrators.

Unique pre-boot networking functionality.

Unique pre-boot networking functionality

Branded PBConnex, the pre-boot networking authentication feature delivers significant cost and time savings to IT pros, while making the solution more secure than the competition.

Unparalleled self-encrypting drive (SED) management.

Unparalleled self-encrypting drive (SED) management

Bringing new hardware encryption management techniques to market that enable organizations to fully benefit from the performance, security, reliability and transparency of SEDs.


SecureDoc Enterprise Server

SecureDoc Enterprise Server

Security, access and control for the enterprise. One console to manage the security and encryption of all devices regardless of platform.

SecureDoc Standalone

SecureDoc Standalone

For individual users seeking uncompromising data protection for their Windows-based desktops and laptops, keeping sensitive information secure.

SecureDoc for Servers

SecureDoc for Servers

Increased server data security and ease of management for administrators that need to secure back-end systems.

SecureDoc Cloud

SecureDoc Cloud

Our cloud solution spans across multiple platforms: share encrypted data between Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users.