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Worried About Network Security? Use Pre-Boot Authentication

What is Pre-Boot Authentication? Pre-boot authentication is the processing of authenticating the user’s login credentials before the computer boots up. What this means is that when turning on a computer, the user will immediately be prompted with a request for their username and password, before they see their operating systems usual login prompt, and in fact, before the computer’s operating system even comes on line.

Data Encryption Solutions

Ways Hacking Hurts Your Business

We’ve all heard of hacking, and know that we should be concerned, but sometimes it’s hard to really understand the damage that a hack attack can cause. After all, it’s just computer stuff right? What real damage can be done? Below are 6 ways that a hack attack could hurt your business.

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What’s the 411 on Windows 10?

The official Windows 10 rollout is almost here. After much anticipation, Microsoft will introduce its new operating system on July 29. WinMagic product experts are examining the new operating system’s security features so we can best advise our customers on what those features mean for regulatory compliance and overall security best practices.