Black Friday

Tips for Retailers to Keep Your Data Secure This Black Friday

According to Wikipedia, “in 2014, $50.9 billion was spent during the 4-day Black Friday weekend”. People are eager to jump on the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! What else comes with these amazing sales? Thieves and cybercriminals! They prey on the uninformed organizations that keep their guard down, ready to steal your customer’s credit card information!

Opal, Opalite & Pyrite Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) Specifications

Opal, Opalite & Pyrite Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) Specifications Simplified

This year (2015) the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Storage Work Group (SWG) published two new specifications derived from the Opal SED specification called Opalite and Pyrite. You may already be familiar with the benefits of using an Opal SED vs software encryption in your laptops and desktops, but are puzzled as to why there are 2 new standards. Perhaps you even wonder if they would be a better fit for your needs than Opal.

Cloud Computing you are responsible and accountable for security

Cloud Computing: You Are Responsible and Accountable for Security

It’s all about the data. I have been involved in cloud computing since 1999 (although we called it multi-tenant hosting & ASP – application service provider) and for sixteen years security has consistently been the #1 concern when organizations are asked about their adoption of cloud models. The concern does not reside with the use of a storage array they have no access to or the utilization of a virtual machine cluster in some unknown data center, it’s all about the data and sensitive information.

Security Software

Never Fear Manual Provisioning Again: The Smart Person’s Guide to Multi Device Security Software

The thought of provisioning multiple devices can strike fear into the heart of even seasoned professionals. It’s a situation in which a great deal can go wrong, leaving the IT department on the hook. Provisioning multiple devices doesn’t have to be a nightmare, though. Consider this your guide for making multi device security software provisioning simple and hassle-free.

data encryption

“We’ve Been Hacked!”: 3 Questions to Ask Before Assigning Blame

Imagine this: your worst nightmare has taken place. You’ve found out that you’ve been hacked. Your most valuable data is now in someone else’s hands, and your company is going to suffer enormous damage to its reputation. What do you do now? Your first instinct is probably to assign blame. Here’s what you should do instead: ask the following questions about the hack. They’ll help you make sense of it.

Pre-Boot Networking to Improve Key File Deployment

Using Pre-Boot Networking to Improve Key File Deployment

In our previous blog posting, we explained WinMagic’s two-stage model for enterprise key file deployment. Enterprise key file deployment is a highly complex endeavor, with many use cases for device provisioning to consider and address; additional challenges include speed, security, and scalability. To overcome these challenges, the WinMagic model leverages pre-boot networking. In this blog posting, we explain the basics of pre-boot networking, examine how it can be utilized to improve key file deployment, and study the benefits provided by using it throughout the enterprise.

data protection software

SecureDoc vs. TrueCrypt: A Guide to Data Protection Software Giants

Are you considering deploying an encryption solution? It can be a difficult decision – which vendor do you choose? Who will provide the most reliable, effective encryption? Some people say, “Why go with a proprietary solution at all? Open source encryption software is free, and it works just as well.” Are these people right? Read on to learn about the differences between SecureDoc, WinMagic’s flagship product, and TrueCrypt, an open source encryption program.

Keeping your Data Safe in the World of Cloud

Keeping your Data Safe in the World of Cloud

We live in a world where cloud storage is becoming a part of our everyday life. We use it at home, at work, even on the go. People are able to share files, pictures, and videos within a few clicks of a button and we can access this information from anywhere, as long as there is internet access.

Innovation at its Best

Innovation at Its Best: Full Disk Encryption Market Outlook

As I was reviewing Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Mobile Data Protection, not surprisingly I found that nearly every competitor on that grid offers more than just data encryption. With anti-virus and firewall solutions being the primary focus, data encryption literally seems to be a check mark on their existing arsenal.

WinMagic's Two-Stage Model for Key File Deployment

WinMagic’s Two-Stage Model for Key File Deployment

Our previous blog posting explained the need for more usable and effective intelligent key management solutions for enterprises. We defined intelligent key management as a centralized enterprise product that is application aware, and that works at the lowest possible layer to provide protection for that layer and all the layers above it.