Bitlocker management

BitMana is a lightweight BitLocker management solution that is both simple in deployment and cost-effective.  It is ideal for organizations that have small IT teams, or those with teams that are already stretched in terms of resources or budgetary limitations.  Or, for those organizations who have completed a data risk analysis and are not concerned with threats from a dedicated adversary.

Being ‘lightweight’ doesn’t mean that BitMana offers barebones value.  BitMana allows organizations to leverage the existing pre-boot authentication provided by BitLocker and can support several primary authentication methods. Organizations can use BitMana to manage in TPM-only, or in TPM+PIN mode.

BitMana is backed by WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server, which provides an intelligent key management platform with the ability to securely store and manage BitLocker Recovery keys (leveraging Active Directory, if you wish), preventing users from accidentally or maliciously disabling BitLocker protection, or giving administrators the ability to remotely manages devices.  BitMana also comes with a single pane of glass console so that administrators can see the encryption status of any device in real-time and provide quick and simple access to reports for auditing purposes – helping you simplify your internal and external compliance efforts.

title bar 006092  Enhanced Security

BitMana improves upon BitLocker’s encryption capabilities by providing IT administrators with tools to better manage BitLocker recovery keys.

  • Store BitLocker Recovery keys in a secure, central database (SES)
  • Centralized Key and Policy Management
  • BitLocker Tamper Protection: Prevent users and processes from decrypting or suspending BitLocker and putting your data at risk


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Icon Better Manageability

title bar 006092  Better Manageability

BitLocker-enabled devices to enforce consistent protection, authentication policies, and recovery functions with a simple software client

  • Use BitLocker’s own Pre-Boot Authentication for ease of deployment and ongoing compatibility Support for TPM-Only or TPM+PIN modes
  • Supports BitLocker Recovery keys
  • Remote device management
  • Active Directory User Integration: Businesses can leverage their existing Active Directory domain structure and Organizational Units (OUs) to assign device profiles to devices, users, groups or OUs


title bar 006092  Simplified Compliance

When it comes to compliance, knowledge, proof and expediency are king. Organizations need an encryption solution that can provide you with immediate status on all encrypted devices in a single pane of glass, and a means to quickly demonstrate compliance when requested by regulatory bodies.

  • Advanced Reporting & Auditing tools
  • BitLocker Tamper Protection Auditing
Icon Simplified Compliance




BitMana provides the essentials for BitLocker deployment, management and compliance, but your particular user habits, business needs and risks sometimes demand a greater level of security and manageability.

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