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SecureDoc is an ideal solution for organizations regardless of industry. Whether you're a financial services or accounting firm, healthcare institution, government agency, school or others, SecureDoc can help with data integrity and other compliance-related needs.


Healthcare organizations collect large amounts of personal health information (PHI) as part of their everyday practice. Personal health information can be used to increase the quality of healthcare while also reducing costs. However, regulation and ethical concerns drive the need to protect this information.

SecureDoc represents a complete data security solution that offers government-grade encryption to protect PHI throughout the organization. SecureDoc enables healthcare professionals to continue working as they did before encryption was deployed. If a laptop or USB thumb drive goes missing, the organization rest assured knowing that the sensitive patient data is protected.

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Data encryption for Healthcare Sector
Full disk encryption for Education Sector


Whether it's K – 12 or Post-Secondary educational institutions, there's a need for data encryption. Educational institutions are the custodians of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive data such as student and parent information, finance records, student loans, employment records, or other sensitive documents.

SecureDoc enables educational institutions to protect PII without constraining the ability to collaborate as needed. Whether its protecting all the information stored on hard drives and removable media or locking down the access ports to limit the risks of network and data security, SecureDoc can address all this while keeping sensitive data fully secure.

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Encryption of data-at-rest is a critical part of the information security architecture that must be in place to safeguard the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of the citizens served by government organizations. The government sector is also under intense scrutiny over its handling of this sensitive data, and must maintain rigor in its approach to technology, methods and standards when dealing with data security.

SecureDoc delivers a complete data security solution including government-grade encryption that reliably and transparently protects intellectual property and PII throughout the organization. SecureDoc is FIPS 140-2 validated to meet the requirements of government organizations and agencies.

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Hard drives Encryption for Government
Disk encryption for Legal services


Email, content management systems, e-discovery tools and increased used of mobile devices enables law firms and legal offices to be more nimble and efficient. The need to protect the data on those devices becomes paramount – both in terms of protecting client data as well as compliance with government statutes.

SecureDoc delivers a complete data security solution that reliably and transparently protects client data and can help meet regulatory and compliance requirements for any jurisdiction where law is being practiced.

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As the manufacturing industry continues to globalize, sensitive data as well as intellectual property is put at risk of exposure through traveling executives and engineers, outsourced development and production, subcontractors and many others that may interact with this sensitive data. Public companies are often also subject to data protection and retrieval regulations found in legislation.

SecureDoc enables your organization to carry on business as usual while ensuring top notch security for critical data. Simply put, it will help reduce complexity and minimize management costs regardless of your business infrastructure.

Hard drives Encryption for Manufacturing