A lot what is discussed on this blog is about what we do here at WinMagic and the reference to ‘customers’ tends to have a more business-focused slant. However, we don’t discriminate when it comes to helping customers secure their data whether it’s a large enterprise, small business, Government agency or an educational institution.

Regarding the latter, we’ve worked to develop our first ever ‘eBook’ that talks about the challenges educational institutions face today and how to address them. This is a new approach to information dissemination for WinMagic and takes a decidedly non-traditional approach when compared to the typical white paper.

What you’ll find in our eBook entitled, ‘Protecting Student and Institutional Privacy: Data Encryption for Education’ is a unique look at challenges faced by educational institutions, whether they be pre or post-secondary and how to best address many of the data security needs these organizations face. The goal of this eBook is to educate by looking at the fundamentals of data encryption and security and helping to steer readers in the right direction as it relates to building out their own solution.

What we discuss in the eBook isn’t rocket science. The content is based on good fundamental principles of a data encryption solution while at the same time trying to clarify many of the common misconceptions or arguments against strong encryption solutions.

To get your hands on this eBook, please download it for FREE here.


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