The thought of provisioning multiple devices can strike fear into the heart of even seasoned professionals. It’s a situation in which a great deal can go wrong, leaving the IT department on the hook. Provisioning multiple devices doesn’t have to be a nightmare, though. Consider this your guide for making multi device security software provisioning simple and hassle-free.

Choosing the Right Software

A big part of making the security software provisioning process easy for you is selecting the right security software in the first place. What criteria should be on your radar?

The software should offer users the ability to self-enroll themselves. Instead of having employees queuing up at the IT department, the security software gives administrators the option of sending workers an email with a link to download the software’s agent to their device.

In addition to the self-enrollment capability, good security software also lets administrators choose which devices, platforms, apps and even users to protect. Furthermore, the security software should also push out security updates when necessary. Because the employees have already downloaded the agent, the agent will apply updates to keep devices and data safe.

Employee Education

The second component of multi-device security software provisioning has less to do with technology and more to do with the humans who use it. Why do humans matter?

Any time a company launches a new initiative or project, employees react in one of two ways: they either embrace it or they reject it. Their behavior has a great deal to do with how business leaders introduce the change.

Deploying security software is no different. If employees don’t understand why they have to download software onto their mobile device (which may be personally owned), they won’t do it. The IT department, in partnership with the teams that handle communication and employee relations, must launch an information campaign.

They should explain to employees why the security software is crucial to the company, and how they have to do their part to safeguard vital data. When employees understand the purpose of the security software, and they know that it won’t harm their devices or affect their performance, they’ll jump on board.

WinMagic: Your Trusted Source for Data Protection

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