Just imagine that day one at WinMagic started with the arrival of an innocuous letter from yet another company who had “lost” my personal data. How ironic!

I’ve known about WinMagic for two decades, most of that time I considered them a deadly competitor – in the data protection space, my company, SafeBoot and WinMagic were two of the “big four” leaders – yet despite vying for the same customers WinMagic and SafeBoot had a cordial relationship, in fact I must confess I was always envious of their ability to launch new features way faster than I could, and in exchange, in the early days the WinMagic team were envious of my sales reach.

As leaders, Thi and I both installed similar values within our teams – pursue technical excellence, help our customers pitch the value of data protection to their boards, make it simple and robust, and above all, help the companies who look after our personal data protect us – their customers.

But here we are, two decades after our companies were founded, and a decade after the global introduction of data privacy regulations added real compliance and financial penalties for not doing anything– still receiving regular breach notifications offering us an insincere apology and trivial “identity protection services”.

I’m tired of people losing control of my personal information, when protecting data is so easy.

Many years have been spent commoditizing data protection solutions – making them easy to use, ubiquitous, but despite that effort, and in my case despite having one of the world’s largest cybersecurity sales forces behind me, there are still innumerable companies who don’t understand that legally, financially and morally protecting our data is the right thing to do, and believe that protecting our data is going to negatively impact their business processes, more so than a data breach will.

We have heard every excuse from our prospective customers (and the people who control our personal data)  – “it’s too hard”, “my users can’t understand passwords”, “if I forget my password, my business will collapse”, “if it takes a microsecond longer to write an email, the world will end”.

We sit across the table, outwardly empathizing, yet inwardly thinking that somehow we’ve failed to convince the world of how simple encrypting data really is.

Today – that changes.

I made the choice to join WinMagic for very selfish reasons – I want my personal data protected. To solve that problem I want to make sure that no company can legitimately tell me that they chose not to protect my data because no solution could help them. The fact that WinMagic has technological superiority within this market helped me decide to join them, as did their amazing culture and leadership team – but above all, they solve a problem I am deeply passionate about.

I believe that at some level, everyone and every company wants to protect personal and confidential information, and as we progress towards the utopia of “any data, any device”, the need for portability, access, and security will remain paramount. I too want to be able to open presentations on my iPad, edit them on a laptop, and share them with colleagues and partners.  I want to use cloud file sync and share services, and I want my cloud infrastructure and apps to be protected from any datacenter “misadventures”.

We as a technology community can achieve this, and we as security leaders can protect our companies from loss of data, both malicious and accidental. WinMagic has the expertise, and drive to help every size company make that choice, and great products which address the needs of today.

What more could one ask? A real identified problem to solve, a proven solution, and an agile team to deliver it.

But above all that – I just don’t want to get any more data breach notifications.  And if you’re tired of them too, I suggest we make time for a conversation, sooner rather than later. Contact me at simon@winmagic.com


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Simon Hunt

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Simon Hunt drives WinMagic’s technology strategy, helping our customers protect their sensitive information and remain in compliance to global privacy regulations. With a background as an entrepreneur/inventor, industry mentor and a CTO, Simon combines a mix of technical leadership and business acumen to drive innovative solutions to real-world problems. When not protecting people from data loss or writing about it, Simon spends his time in Naples FL with his wife Elle. He will be a valued new voice on SecureSpeak.
Simon Hunt