Have you heard the term “mobile device management” being thrown around, but you’re not sure what it means? Moreover, do you not know how to implement such a strategy? Read on to learn a few easy and simple tips about managing mobile devices to keep your networks and data safe.

Make a List, Check It Twice

Santa has the right idea with lists. Instead of breaking it down by naughty and nice, create a catalog of mobile devices you’re willing to support and those you’re not.

Why should you tell employees what they can and can’t bring to work? Realistically, there are only so many types of devices, operating systems and platforms your IT department can support. Before developing this list, get feedback from end users and the IT department.

Don’t Forget about Apps

Mobile applications are simply computer programs designed for mobile devices. Without apps, a mobile device wouldn’t be as useful or valuable.

That being said, some apps are more beneficial to employee productivity than others. There are other apps that can steal data and harm your networks. Implementing a mobile application management solution will enable your employees to use the apps that keep them productive, while barring those which are trouble.

Encrypting Data on Mobile Devices

Encryption is one of the strongest security tools in existence. It turns information into an unbreakable code. The only way you can decipher it is if you have the key to decode it.

When you encrypt data on mobile devices, unauthorized users won’t be able to read it if they access it. So, if an employee’s smartphone is lost or stolen, you don’t have to lose sleep over whether valuable information has been leaked. How can you encrypt data on mobile devices? Choose a mobile device management solution with that capability.

WinMagic: Your Trusted Source for Encryption Solutions

Are you interested in learning how encryption on mobile devices can safeguard data? Contact WinMagic today at 1-888-879-5879. Our award-winning line of encryption solutions includes mobile device management software that secures iOS and Android devices through encryption technology.

It’s easy to use – IT administrators can manage all devices through a single console. WinMagic’s mobile device management solution encrypts backed up data on iOS devices. It won’t impede performance, though – our mobile device management software allows your business to run smoothly. In fact, your employees will barely even notice it’s there. To learn more, call WinMagic now.


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