IT Decision Makers have their Head in the “Clouds”

Years ago, tech experts predicted that a new wave of technology would hit the scene and completely rework the way we, well, work. Cloud computing was viewed as the future of the enterprise – at the time, this mysterious yet highly intriguing concept promised to dramatically increased efficiencies that would enable companies to reduce costs and increase business flexibility.

Apple vs. FBI: The Great Back Door Debate Broken Down

In a discussion sweeping the tech (and consumer) world, it’s easy to suffer from “Apple vs. FBI” information overload. Here at WinMagic, we’ve been closely following the developments of the story and understand Apple’s firm stance. In an effort to break the story down (and share some of our own thoughts) here are the nuts and bolts of the Apple vs. FBI case.

security breach

How Small Security Breaches Cost Big Money

Over the past several years, it seems as though we can’t go a week without another business getting hacked. The hacks that make the news have millions of victims, or their victims are high profile organizations such as Sony or the NSA. However, even if hackers don’t steal data from millions of people, they’re still expensive. Read on to learn why even “small” hacks are a big deal.

network security

4 Myths About Network Security

When you hear the words “network security,” what comes to mind? Do you believe your network is invulnerable against any threats? And do you think it’s something you don’t need to worry about? If that’s the case, keep reading. This blog post will expose the myths of network security, and what you need to know to keep your corporate data safe.

Security Software

Never Fear Manual Provisioning Again: The Smart Person’s Guide to Multi Device Security Software

The thought of provisioning multiple devices can strike fear into the heart of even seasoned professionals. It’s a situation in which a great deal can go wrong, leaving the IT department on the hook. Provisioning multiple devices doesn’t have to be a nightmare, though. Consider this your guide for making multi device security software provisioning simple and hassle-free.

data encryption

“We’ve Been Hacked!”: 3 Questions to Ask Before Assigning Blame

Imagine this: your worst nightmare has taken place. You’ve found out that you’ve been hacked. Your most valuable data is now in someone else’s hands, and your company is going to suffer enormous damage to its reputation. What do you do now? Your first instinct is probably to assign blame. Here’s what you should do instead: ask the following questions about the hack. They’ll help you make sense of it.