Annual TCG Members Meeting: The Slow March of Progress

I attended the TCG (Trusted Computing Group) annual members meeting last week in beautiful Vancouver and thought I would share a couple of observations.

First of all, a little background – The TCG is an organization whose mandate is to set security standards for commercial use.  The scope ranges from small mobile devices to large disk drives used in the enterprise.  Key participants (about 100 in person this year) include: the PC OEMs (e.g. Lenovo, HP, Dell, etc.), OSVs (e.g. Microsoft), component manufacturers (e.g. disk drives, TPMs…), governments and ISVs.   That’s where WinMagic comes in.   We are an Independent Software Vendor and a member of the Storage Work Group (SWG).   The SWG is responsible for the “Opal” specification for self-encrypting hard drives (SEDs), as well as, the specification for the larger “enterprise” drives.