Using Pre-Boot Networking to Improve Key File Deployment

In our previous blog posting, we explained WinMagic’s two-stage model for enterprise key file deployment. Enterprise key file deployment is a highly complex endeavor, with many use cases for device provisioning to consider and address; additional challenges include speed, security, and scalability. To overcome these challenges, the WinMagic model leverages pre-boot networking. In this blog posting, we explain the basics of pre-boot networking, examine how it can be utilized to improve key file deployment, and study the benefits provided by using it throughout the enterprise.

WinMagic’s Two-Stage Model for Key File Deployment

Our previous blog posting explained the need for more usable and effective intelligent key management solutions for enterprises. We defined intelligent key management as a centralized enterprise product that is application aware, and that works at the lowest possible layer to provide protection for that layer and all the layers above it.