Reach BitLocker’s Full Potential with the BitLocker Toolkit

Best encryption with our BitLocker toolkit

Find the best encryption solution for BitLocker with our BitLocker toolkit

Being a security professional can be tough if you don’t have the right tools for the best encryption. And some of the tools in your arsenal are native encryption solutions, like BitLocker, which provide a strong first step in data security. But with your IT environment growing ever more complex – having multiple devices, operating systems, and strapped resources – it’s time to start managing your environment the smartest way.

“90% – Percentage of data breaches that could have been prevented using available technologies, or adherence to basic processes and procedures.” – The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) 2015 Data protection Best Practices and Risk Assessment Guide

Better Together: BitLocker + SecureDoc

So how do you get the best of both worlds? Pair up the seamless encryption of BitLocker with WinMagic’s sophisticated and comprehensive enterprise key management. Enhancing BitLocker’s native encryption capabilities with SecureDoc arms IT administrators with the tools to better manage it – including:

  • Increased user friendliness
  • Simplified deployment
  • Next level functionality
  • Enhance security
  • Stronger recovery
  • Better auditing

The Best of All Worlds

The BitLocker Toolkit from WinMagic is the ultimate resource of BitLocker tips and tools to add to your arsenal. It contains practical advice on how to keep your data secure, enhance BitLocker native encryption capabilities and benefit from a central management solution.  WinMagic toolkits are packed with great tools, tips, datasheets and videos – here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside this one:

  • BitLocker – A Strong First Step in Data Security Business BriefA
  • BitLocker Bites’ Video Series
  • A Guide to Better BitLocker Management eBook
  • and much more….

If you’re an IT director searching to build the foundation for a cohesive data encryption solution; or an IT administrator hoping to optimize operations in a predominantly Windows environment, this is the Toolkit for you.

Download your BitLocker Toolkit today!


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