Educating with Data Security

Education institutions have numerous important and sensitive documents stored that they are responsible for. This sensitive information belongs to students, parents and faculty and comes in the form of loans, financial records, employment records, etc. The protection of this sensitive information is paramount for educational institutions, yet 35% of all security breaches take place in higher education! Since 2005, there have been over 500 breaches at more than 320 higher education institutions. , If you do the calculation that is 1 breach per week. The most common form of breaches in educational institutions is hacking and malware attacks, followed by unintentional disclosure.

A stolen social security number is the most single valuable identification a cybercriminal can get their hands on. The thief can not only steal the victim’s identity, but their property and money as well. Once your social security number is compromised. it can become a long and stressful road to get your identity back and fix the damage that the thief has done. This is why it is critical for schools to do everything they can to ensure this data is secured.

The key challenges prompting educational institutions to consider data protection solutions are the need to:

  1. Protect sensitive data and personal identifiable information (PII) on multiple platforms and devices
  2. Employ flexible and centralized administration for a user base that changes from term-to-term
  3. Enable secure sharing of data with other institutions, research partners and other stakeholders
  4. Meeting compliance standards (FERPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, State data breach notifications etc.)


WinMagic understands the data security challenges and changing needs of higher education institutions. In order to help effectively meet and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of all their constituents, WinMagic works closely with a wide variety of colleges and universities, standardization bodies, higher education associations, and education industry leaders to develop and deliver the most secure data encryption protection in market. For more information please download our eBook.


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