If there is one absolute truth in business, it’s that data is now everywhere. Big or small, companies wrestle with keeping data secure with an ever expanding mobile and agile workforce. Increasingly companies are turning to endpoint encryption as the answer to protecting their data.

“Endpoint Encryption is a fundamental point of defense in preventing against data leaks.”

– John Girard, VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner

Data leaks occur throughout the IT equipment spectrum – they happen on networks when information is transferred or when devices are left unattended and eventually fall into the wrong hands. There are lots of ways to lose information and every one of them is potentially damaging to an enterprise. That’s why companies need to apply a variety of defenses – such as access controls, access rules, and encryption so unauthorized individuals don’t have a basis with which to read them.

Tune into our groundbreaking webcast, featuring Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst John Girard, to find out:

  1. Methods companies can use to defend access to their business data
  2. The cost of data breaches compared to preventative measures like endpoint encryption
  3. How to best prevent a data leak from occurring
  4. How to find the right solution to secure your IT environment

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