EFFS Security

CloudSync: Last Defense For Intellectual Property on EFSS

If you’re like most people, you use tools like DropBox or Box to send and share your files via the Cloud. But how do you know that the files you share via these tools are safe? Do you trust the Cloud service provider and the security measures they’ve put in place? How sure are you that these security measures are foolproof?

Cloud Computing: Responsibility & Accountability of Security

It’s all about the data. I have been involved in cloud computing since 1999 (although we called it multi-tenant hosting & ASP – application service provider) and for sixteen years security has consistently been the #1 concern when organizations are asked about their adoption of cloud models. The concern does not reside with the use of a storage array they have no access to or the utilization of a virtual machine cluster in some unknown data center, it’s all about the data and sensitive information.