Enterprise Encryption for Linux

Enterprise Encryption for Linux

Linux has built in encryption for several years now, yet enterprises still struggle with encryption on Linux laptops.  Why is that? To answer this question, let’s first review the disk encryption capabilities that are built into Linux:

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SecureDoc vs TrueCrypt: Guide to Security Software Giants

Are you considering deploying an encryption solution? It can be a difficult decision – which vendor do you choose? Who will provide the most reliable, effective encryption? Some people say, “Why go with a proprietary solution at all? Open source encryption software is free, and it works just as well.” Are these people right? Read on to learn about the differences between SecureDoc, WinMagic’s flagship product, and TrueCrypt, an open source encryption program.

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Server Security: Use Pre-Boot Network Authentication

What is Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA)? Pre-boot authentication is the process of validating user login credentials before unlocking contents of the hard drive. For a computer used by users, this means when turning on a computer, the user will immediately be prompted with a request for their username and password (or Token/Smartcard if 2 factor is required) before the computer’s operating system comes on line.

Last Day Exhibiting At Interop

Today is the last day we will be exhibiting at Interop – New York. Come by and visit Booth #548 to learn about the latest in our data encryption solutions. We have specialists on hand who can answer any of your IT security needs and learn how to secure corporate and confidential data.