Enhancing Cloud-Based Security

Keep your data secure – even in the cloud!


With cloud computing and a multitude of mobile devices being used in your organization, the need for consistent policies, password rules and specialized data encryption methods has never been greater. Quite simply, because data today is ubiquitous, ensuring your data is secure wherever it resides is mission critical.
One crucial area where data security needs have been amplified is for data that resides in the cloud. Since cloud service providers are third-party vendors, you have little control over how your data is protected. Accidental or even intentional breaches can happen at any time. Reacting to security incidents is no longer an acceptable practice for IT professionals: you need to be proactive and ready for changing environments.

Winmagic Data Security Keys Management

What You Can Expect From WinMagic

WinMagic’s nearly two decades of experience with endpoint-focused key management makes us a knowledgeable partner who not only understands data security best practices but also helped to create them. Our application-aware platform – SecureDoc – is focused on making data security easy to manage, even with data in the cloud. With WinMagic, you can be assured that data located in the cloud will be protected across multiple devices, including iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows.

SecureDoc CloudSync is an application that enforces transparent file encryption on cloud folders through policy. CloudSync offers an additional layer of security to complement full disk encryption (FDE) since it forces all data to be encrypted at the endpoint. As a result, no data gets to the cloud unless it has first been encrypted at its point of creation. This means complete protection, owned and managed by you.

Whether you store your data in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, WinMagic’s SecureDoc CloudVM solution is the industry’s most comprehensive solution for protecting not just your data, but your entire infrastructure in the Cloud. SecureDoc CloudVM ensures that encryption and key management are within the full and exclusive control of your organization, and enables a unified encryption strategy across any endpoint, virtualized or Cloud IaaS environment. By providing a single platform and pane of glass, SecureDoc CloudVM increases enterprise security, ensures encryption compliance, reduces complexity and removes silos of encryption within your organization.

Rapidly Scale Any Network

As your organization expands, it is vital that your IT infrastructure can grow as well. WinMagic SES makes it easy to add and remove seats, users and devices from a central location using a single-pane view. This makes the addition or revocation of encryption keys simple, and you can rapidly adjust the reach of your network as it grows.

Maximize IT Efficiency

Along with the global access to your security settings via the web console, our single-pane view reduces the time your team needs to complete administrative tasks. With SES, you control all of your data security, whether it resides in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment—saving your team countless hours and thousands of clicks.