WinMagic and CROSS HEAD’s promise to the world – no more password resets!!

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO— Cybersecurity leader, WinMagic is excited to announce leading security solution provider in Japan CROSS HEAD has released WinMagic’s market’s first solution geared to help solve organizations with their password problems, without users needing to use and manage additional devices for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) yet providing seamless user experience in Japan Market. 
WinMagic and CROSS HEAD have been technology partners for over a decade and have been solving customer’s data security problems using WinMagic’s advanced encryption. WinMagic’s endpoint presence has made the transition possible to bring to market a solution that solves the passwordless authentication challenges for users.
The companies offer an ability to organizations to reduce Business Email Compromise threats as well as Account Takeover risks improving their cybersecurity posture significantly, while still saving companies up to 90% of password reset costs. Forrester Research estimates that large enterprises spend up to $1 million per year on staffing and infrastructure to handle password resets alone. That is a more than significant savings that organizations stand to make.
“While the technology brings significant savings and improves the security posture, one of the most powerful aspects of the offering is seamless user experience. The corporate user uses their device to authenticate to multiple scenarios without having to use a phone or any cumbersome secondary hardware. This comes with enterprise manageability and recovery options which are easy to use but at the same time equally secure – no compromises” Said Thi Nguyen-Huu, CEO of WInMagic Corp.
“WinMagic’s technology and CROSS HEAD’s security expertise makes the offering a clear winner to help our customers be more secure in the digital world”, said Takashi Sekine, President of  CROSS HEAD.
About WinMagic:
Security starts with the endpoint. WinMagic, with more than 20 years of continuous innovation, takes pride in using high standards, applied cryptography and its engineering capabilities to provide secure, feature-rich, and comprehensive solutions in both encryption and authentication.  
Its one console, one key management system for both encryption and authentication provides prevention with cryptography - from preboot authentication to cloud services, from endpoint to IoT to datacenters and cloud workloads.  This substantially decreases IT costs while giving very positive user experience and simplifies cybersecurity to an extent the industry has not seen to date. 
WinMagic sets the bar when it comes to full-disk-encryption for both Windows and Linux environments and leverages this to do the same for passwordless authentication! At WinMagic, we are committed to provide the most feature-rich solutions in encryption and in FIDO-based passwordless authentication to our customers.
CROSS HEAD is IT Solution Company in Japan ensure the enhancement of business productivity utilizing infostructure including Cloud Services. Resolve various business challenges such as sustention and consolidation of the business competitiveness, implementing flexible work style for diversified employee in the new normal age by Information technology and professional people.

Melissa Dsouza


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