Crypto-Heartbeat Solution From WinMagic

Your enterprise needs a way to protect itself from the 4 SED attacks discussed at BlackHat Europe 2015.

These 4 attacks on computers with SEDs are:

The Hot Plug Attack

The Forced Restart Attack

The Hot Unplug Attack

The Key Capture Attack

These attacks can occur as SEDs are not designed to protect against data access after the storage device has been unlocked using a valid authentication credential. The most important thing to note about all four of these attacks is the precondition that the SED is unlocked at the time of the attack!

So what can you do to protect your enterprise from unauthorized access?

WinMagic has the solution.

A solution where the SED itself could detect that it is no longer communicating to the original trusted “Host” that unlocked it at Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) and put it into a cryptographically secure state. That solution is called, Crypto-Heartbeat.

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