How to unlock your competitive
advantage with simpler, safer, more
strategically aligned data security

Did you know that “90% of data breaches that could have been prevented using available technologies, or adherence to basic processes and procedures.”*

  • Leverage the encryption you’ve already invested in
    The first logical cornerstone of security - native encryption technologies such as BitLocker for Microsoft Windows and Full Disk Encryption hard drives – can provide a solid starting point towards a more centralized security approach.


  • Create a strategic advantage through encryption excellence
    Learn how a centralized encryption management approach is the simple, secret key to delivering competitive levels of agility, scale and workforce mobility


For practical advice on how to develop the 4 strategic advantages to build a strong security foundation, download our CXO Security Briefing now.

*The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) 2015 Data Protection Best Practices and Risk Assessment Guide




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