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Passwordless Authentication

Here's what you will learn:

  • The problem with passwords and the damage they can cause
  • A next-gen solution to passwords
  • 12 necessary features to look for when comparing traditional MFA to modern MFA
  • The solution to user security complexity caused by passwords and traditional authentication systems
  • "No user-action" authentication & how it works

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No User Action Required

Working silently in the background, MagicEndpoint
performs ongoing user+device authentication
as well as device health checks.

Problems MagicEndpoint Would Solve

Password Compromise

Passwords are responsible for over 80% of data breaches. Passwords can be phished, are difficult to remember and expensive to reset.


Traditional MFA still leaves enterprises vulnerable to phishing attacks which can lead to credential theft and breaches.

Ransomware Attacks

In Q1/20-Q3/21 the average downtime after a ransomware attack had increased from 15 to 22 days.