Managing Data Security for Healthcare Providers

Managing Data Security
for Healthcare Providers with SecureDoc

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Patient data stakeholders across North America are all facing the same challenges when it comes to the balance between the security of healthcare data and the need for productivity. As data breaches become more frequent, organizations are looking for solutions to help resolve vulnerabilities.

Many healthcare organizations are leaving old solutions behind to embrace WinMagic's unparalleled data security solution, to protect healthcare data assets, including patient records.

For over 20 years, WinMagic has been helping Regional Healthcare Providers (RHPs) to deploy the SecureDoc encryption solution. As a leader in full-disk encryption for enterprise organizations, SecureDoc provides thousands of healthcare endpoints with the highest level of data security available and enables a future-proof data security strategy. Download our Case Study to discover how we accomplished it.

Here’s what you will learn from the SecureDoc full disk encryption solution:

  • The continuity solution of encryption across tens of thousands of devices in hundreds of branch offices in short order
  • How we overcame complexity in managing data security across device portfolios with SecureDoc
  • Our solution to protect devices left accessible in open public spaces, devices breached or lost and devices with multiple users sharing PINs
  • The plan and assurance of persistent encryption during data movement
  • How a single, unified console was able to manage data and device protection and remain in compliance with data privacy measures

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