A Guide to Better BitLocker Management


The seemingly never-ending torrent of high-profile data breaches has encouraged companies to evaluate their security fundamentals. One of which is full-disk encryption (FDE), a security best practice that protects information on servers, laptops and other devices while they are at rest. Many security companies offer encryption solutions, but the management of encryption keys can be challenging with functionality inherent to the encryption technology. Such is the case with Microsoft BitLocker. Fortunately, addressing these challenges are easier than security professionals might think when the proper tools are employed.

Cloud Security Perceptions; Practices - Spiceworks Survey


Moving to the Cloud? Not so fast – it might be time to re-evaluate your data security strategy. Whatever ultimate decision that may come to be, it is important that IT departments implement the right security solution to protect sensitive data.

Fünf Dinge, die Sie über Microsoft BitLocker wissen sollten


Microsoft bietet eine native Verschlüsselung mittels BitLocker an und bewirbt diese Lösung intensiv, um die Sicherheit der eigenen Betriebssysteme zu unterstützen. WinMagic gibt jetzt fünf wichtige Tipps für all diejenigen, die im Begriff sind, BitLocker zu nutzen. Sie basieren auf unserer Erfahrung bei der Bereitstellung von Datenschutzlösungen und auf Erkenntnissen aus Gesprächen mit IT-Sicherheitsexperten.

Healthcare Providers and Patient Data Security


Today’s healthcare organizations routinely access personal health information (PHI) through a variety of platforms like desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and USB drives. With data breach counts continuing to rise in this environment, healthcare organizations are beginning to understand that encryption is the key element in protecting confidential data and ensuring compliance.

Data Encryption for the Emergency Services Sector | eBooks


ESS organizations handle confidential data on a daily basis and often face strict compliance requirements that are mandated by governing bodies tasked with protecting public data.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about best practices on data encryption within ESS organizations and the critical features any good encryption vendor should have to help keep data safe.