SecureDoc v6.2 SR1 Release Notes

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Bug Fixes and Improvements



Fix: The SecureDoc Control Center no longer pops up

This occurred when the keyfile had the "Change Initial Password" flag set.


Fix: The Japanese translation in Challenge Response and SecureDoc Language Selection has been corrected
SD-5182 Fix: Error 0x3 and 0x9401 during OSA installation has been resolved
SD-5658 Fix: Selecting a boot configuration no longer crashes the SES server



Fix: There is no longer an error when installing SecureDoc on a device running McAfee/Bitlocker

A prompt to reboot has been added if McAfee is detected.

SD-5817 Improvement: Ability to reset Failed Login Attempts

Admins will be able to unlock failed PBN attempts from SDWeb.


Fix: OPR 5.3SR4 will now work when installed on a device running SES 6.2

SD-5944 Fix: SSO will allow user to logon to Windows running SD
SD-5945 Fix: SQL no longer receives a transaction deadlock on SDConnex with PBConnex
SD-5947 Fix: Column "DBK_Ingex" is now "DBK_Index"



Fix: A compatibility mode has been created to allow 6.2SR1 to work with clients using pre-6.2.


Fix: Disk Access Control functions in Safe Mode

Safe mode no longer disables the Disk Access Control locks. DAC will now prevent files to be copied to a non-encrypted removable device while in safe mode.


Fix: SUSAM settings are properly copied to the new SDSpace when updating boot logon

SD-6042 Fix: RMCE prompt for Full Sector encrypted Drive has been surpressed

Detection for the drive has been implemented and if it Full Sector Encrypted, the prompt will not appear.


Known Limitations



When trying to change the password on PBL, if ADSync Authenticator is on, the password change will not work properly.

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