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For enterprises dominated by the Windows Operating System, Microsoft’s BitLocker has been naturally adopted to encrypt user devices, including PCs and laptops.

Integration of BitLocker into the operating system is a good first step in improving data security. However, to expose the full capability of BitLocker, organizations require a comprehensive key management tool that enables user-based policies, allowing the administrator to better- manage who gains access to data, what level of access is granted, and when or how they access it.


The Power of Unified Key Management

WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) gives organizations total control over their data security environment, ensuring maximum security and transparency in the regular work flow.

SecureDoc, WinMagic’s core offering, secures data at rest by managing how it is encrypted, regardless of the operating system or where the data resides. It delivers a comprehensive data security solution that supports compliance with security and privacy regulations, simplifies the IT administrator role and maintains an easy-to-use end user experience.

Designed with the heterogeneous IT environment in mind, SecureDoc organizes all security-related management under one centralized enterprise server. This includes policies, password rules, and the manageability of encryption across PC, Mac and Linux platforms. 

 Download BitLocker toolkit

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