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Cloud Devops Security: Defend DevOps Workflows

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Cloud DevOps Security

 Whereas traditional linear development models tended to be slow and often unreliable, the DevOps integrated model offers businesses a set of transformative practices to optimize software release cycles. Cloud DevOps Security might be an additional layer of protection your enterprise has not thought about.

In the cloud era, development and operations teams now work hand in hand from design to deployment, enabling faster, more reliable delivery across platforms. And hyperconvergence is simplifying things further with the power to match IaaS platforms. Yet, as the datacenter is transformed into a hybrid, automated development environment, security and compliance can easily get left behind.


The Challenge: Workflow Risk & Interruption

DevOps is about eliminating bottlenecks, waste, and automating the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In this environment, security solutions can block workflow, preventing DevOps from adopting secure, streamlined development processes (DevSecOps). Developers need to design, test and distribute apps quickly, creating security loopholes. The result is often sensitive information spreading to unprotected zones, accelerating a number of challenges:



  • VM sprawl – with the proliferation of data reaching unmanageable levels
  • SecOps headaches as OpEx becomes unpredictable
  • Inconsistent adoption of secure best practices / compliance issues
  • Residual data containing IP and sensitive data getting left behind
  • Workflow barriers caused by unsophisticated encryption solutions

DevSecOps starts with securing the infrastructure platforms used for design, testing and production. Virtual machines, containers and machine images are protected against known threats, whether stored on-prem or in the cloud.


The Solution: Defend DevOps Workflows with SecureDoc CloudVM

Our high-performance workload encryption meets your cloud security and facilitates cloud compliance needs with the speed and transparency expected by DevOps. Advanced, always-on cryptographic engine ensures VMs are protected at rest and in transit across public, private and hybrid clouds - so you can focus on growing your business safely.

  • Isolate and protect mission-critical workloads with FIPS 140-2 VM encryption
  • Prevent VM sprawl through clone controls and geo-fencing policies
  • Enforce time-based controls to protect against malicious access attempts
  • Eliminate residual data risk by terminating expired keys and workloads
  • Save time with rapid deployment
  • Seamlessly protect workloads at rest and in transit with secure automation
  • Separate security keys from DevOps for SecOps management
  • Enjoy visibility & control over your compliance status across all platforms.




Get ready for fast, agile development with DevSecOps.
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