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Cloud IaaS - Policy-based Control for Virtual Workloads

The Solution: Comprehensive protection for Cloud IaaS workloads and more

Cloud IAAS

You can’t defer the responsibility to protect your data

Emerging hypervisor vulnerabilities are increasingly creating security gaps and vulnerabilities. And enterprises have to stay vigilant. Cloud IaaS is one of the three main categories of cloud computing services, and often the first path to the cloud for most IT departments. And this jump to new territory comes with unique security requirements to consider.

The Challenge: Some encryption solutions needlessly increase the burden on your business

Slow productivity: Time to market is one of the staple benefits of the cloud. Yet time-heavy encryption processes can slow things down further.


Vendor, hypervisor or hardware lock-in: Portability is key for cloud and IaaS. So why apply old IT models that lock you in to a single vendor?

Data sovereignty and data governance policies: with cloud services facilitating global data movement, compliance auditing and governance are even more critical.


The Solution: Comprehensive protection for Cloud IaaS workloads and more

With SecureDoc CloudVM, encryption management is decoupled from the hypervisor, meaning keys and data are never exposed. So if a breach occurs at the cloud solution provider’s facilities, your data won’t be compromised.

CloudVM provides the industry’s only online or initial live conversion for both Windows and Linux, which saves time by enabling encryption during use.


And, enhanced granular control meets data sovereignty requirements by tightly defining the parameters of your VMs – controlling access, sharing, cloning and replication.

Save time and effort

  • Enable more responsive business performance thanks to fast, seamless integration with your existing encryption technologies and VMs
  • Quick encrypt saves your business valuable time by encrypting only the data on the VM, rather than the full drive
  • A single platform for smart, simple management of all your key and encryption needs



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