To manage BitLocker, go beyond MDOP and MBAM

BitLocker management needs more than just MDOP and MBAM.

MDOP and MBAM – not enough to manage BitLocker

BitLocker management needs more than just MDOP and MBAM
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Microsoft BitLocker doesn't manage itself. So you need to make sure you've got all the right tools and support for a proper BitLocker deployment. Subscribing to Microsoft Desktop Optimization Package (MDOP) might sound like the answer, as it gives you access to Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM). But it's not enough.

While MBAM offers central management for BitLocker, it doesn't meet the baseline of what enterprises need to fulfill their encryption management and compliance obligations. Enterprises need something far more robust than MBAM to ensure they reach their compliance, operational and security objectives. They need a solution that's simple to manage and easily demonstrates data protection.

That's where WinMagic's encryption management solution, SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES), comes in. SES dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of managing BitLocker, going beyond basic MDOP functionality with MBAM to help you deliver on all your security/compliance objectives while minimizing user disruption.

BitLocker has 5 major shortcomings:

BitLocker Deployment Comes with a Cost

BitLocker doesn’t manage itself. Subscribing to MDOP (MBAM) is simply not enough on its own ensure a proper BitLocker deployment.

Resetting a Lost-Password Will Need a Secure Process

In many cases there are hidden costs due to the complicated process. MBAM, included with MDOP, is just one of them.

Be prepared to handle BitLocker Recovery lockouts

BitLocker recovery process can be quite time consuming and troublesome.

MBAM is Complicated

MBAM presents a major challenge and steep learning curve for your IT team.

Deploying BitLocker is not easy

BitLocker deployment, even with MBAM, requires learning new IT skills, considering software and hardware requirements for a given FDE approach, and deploying new processes to address the end-user impact. MBAM simply isn't a strong enough tool to protect server, even when running MBAM Client (incl. the Self-Service Portal) and the MBAM Server.

WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server can address all these challenges. Download our eBook to find out how.

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