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MagicEndpoint Passwordless Authentication
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Next Generation Passwordless Authentication

MagicEndpoint seamlessly alleviates the user of the authentication burden making it a true passwordless authentication solution while including next generation zero-factor authentication capability. Working silently in the background MagicEndpoint performs ongoing user+device authentication as well as device health checks enabling businesses reach their Zero-Trust goals by making “always verify” possible without any burden to the end user.

Easier and More SecureMagicEndpoint zero-factor Authentication

Passwordless authentication is rapidly taking over IT security systems

Before upgrading your IT system’s security setup, it is crucial to evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Passwordless Authentication of your options.

Passwordless authentication offers diverse methods that big tech companies have started moving towards versus today's technology. Find out how passwordless can be integrated with your existing technology and why this tool is the best Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam prevention tool here with the Free Passwordless Authentication Guide.

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Fundamental Pillars

With passwordless authentication, MagicEndpoint is the best authentication solution for an undoubtedly superior user experience, and unsurpassable security, which is all based on a zero-trust “always verify” principle. WinMagic offers customers a new authentication paradigm in cybersecurity. Made possible by making the endpoint the combined identity for “device + user” where applicable.


Undoubtedly the Best User Experience

No user action is required! With MagicEndpoint’s implementation of passwordless authentication the server seamlessly performs the physical, online crypto-based authentication. This ongoing Zero-Factor authentication simultaneously authenticates the user and the endpoint.


Unsurpassed Security

For the server, the client is not just the user but always a “user on an endpoint” with the endpoint being unmistakable. The solution’s combined device+user identity confirms the endpoint is doing verification on a regular basis. Hackers would have to be in possession of your laptop, then try to unlock your laptop before gaining access your online resources.



“Always Verify” Principle

This solution goes beyond SSO and IdP identity provider capability. MagicEndpoint Passwordless Authentication promotes a never trust, “always verify” principle. The smart endpoint performs authentication to the endpoint on an ongoing basis.


Why MagicEndpoint for Passwordless Authentication?

Achieve the Ideal World of No User “Action” Authentication
Does your organization ask users to use MFA such as SMS, OTP or Push? With MagicEndpoint Passwordless Authentication users do not need to do anything. The solution transparently and securely takes care of the necessary authentications. Users enjoy freedom from disruptive logins!

Remote users, and users sharing the endpoint can rest assured – corporate services and applications are accessible remotely and are only accessible to the authorized device user.

Account Takeovers: A Thing of the Past!
Hackers would need to physically have your laptop and unlock it to access your systems.

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 WinMagic’s Next Generation Solutions:

20-Years of Full Disk Encryption Experience

Security starts with the endpoint. With more than 20 years of
continuous innovation, WinMagic takes pride in using cryptography and engineering capabilities to provide secure, feature-rich, and comprehensive solutions in both encryption and authentication.

WinMagic Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) allows enterprises to centrally manage encryption on devices across all platforms using a choice of SecureDoc FDE, FileVault2, BitLocker, dm-crypt, and Self Encrypting Drives. Providing comprehensive encryption: one solution with cross platform encryption capability.


"Passwordless authentication undoubtedly provides the best user experience one could hope for, providing secure Zero-factor authentication without requiring user action. We are very pleased to offer this to our customers so that breaches from account takeovers are no longer a problem.”

Thi Nguyen-Huu, WinMagic Founder and CEO




This Solution is Right For Your Organization

Security is universally valuable. For organizations that need encryption and authentication protection of their mission critical systems, MagicEndpoint is your solution.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Passwordless Authentication?

These days, passwords are becoming a less efficient security measure for accessing applications and IT systems. You can easily lose or forget your password and in the wrong hands, a password is a key to let hackers into your systems.

Passwordless authentication eliminates passwords by requiring other forms of evidence, such as facial recognition or one-time passcodes to grant access to a system. Forgetting passwords is a common problem that typically requires a password reset.

Passwordless login replaces the complexities of a password login by simplifying overall operations and passwordless authentication is increasing in popularity due to its convenient and highly secure functions.

What Are the Benefits of Using Passwordless Login Vs UsingPasswords?

One of the most widely recognized problems with passwords is that they are forgettable. When you forget a password, you must take extra steps to recover or reset it.

There is no password to forget with passwordless login, so this issue becomes a thing of the past.

A passwordless login offers several benefits that outweigh those of using a secure password, including:

  • Improved user experience
  • Reduced security risk
  • Simplified IT operations

Is Passwordless Authentication Safe?

When looking to switch up security measures, many IT administrators wonder how safe passwordless authentication really is. Passwordless authentication becoming increasingly popular and is now being pushed forward by major tech giants.

We at WinMagic believe that not only is passwordless authentication safe to use, but it might also be much safer than the traditional username and password login.