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Multi-Cloud Encryption: Secure Any Cloud Across the Enterprise

Discover the advantage of true multi-cloud security with SecureDoc CloudVM

Multi-Cloud Encryption

How do you know multi-cloud encryption right for your enterprise? According to a recent report(1), 85% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, with 95% running apps or experimenting with Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). From public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services – to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions like Nutanix and Scale Computing for hybrid integrations, more and more businesses are adopting multiple cloud solutions. The benefits are vast – optimizing ROI, diverse feature sets, reduced risk and improved business continuity – all without the usual lock-in.


The Challenge: multi-cloud, multi-standard complexity

Compliance, security, and data control risks are magnified as workloads are deployed across complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Lack of standardization across cloud IaaS platforms introduces real risk into cross-cloud data movements. What’s more, keys are handled separately between clouds, creating siloes in policy framework and compliance.

The most challenging security questions for today’s enterprises are:

  • How do I secure all workloads in this new distributed IT architecture?
  • How can I bring together disparate security solutions without leaving gaps in security, visibility and control?
  • How do I control encryption keys on different cloud platforms?
  • How can I stop security and encryption processes slowing down productivity?


The Solution: Any-Cloud Security with SecureDoc CloudVM

Whether you’re converging your private infrastructure, migrating to cloud, or moving multi-cloud, WinMagic gives you full control of your data protection and cloud compliance monitoring.


  • Maintain your encryption intact from cloud to cloud, all under one platform
  • Encrypt and locks down workloads on any infrastructure
  • Ensure keys are held by the enterprise, not cloud providers.


Transition to Multi-Cloud

Always-on encryption travels with your VMs from cloud to cloud, protecting all data-at-rest – including OS, data volumes, images and snapshots.


  • Break down siloes – manage encryption keys across multiple clouds, accounts and regions from within your enterprise
  • Simplify compliance – view all security platforms from a single dashboard
  • Take control with policy-driven restrictions, clone controls, geo-location and IP-blocking policies
  • Automate and enforce security with remote policy controls
  • Secure with speed with encryption optimized for the speed of the cloud.




Ensure you’re fully protected with multi-cloud security.
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(1) State of Cloud Report, Right Scale 2017.

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