BitLocker Drive & Device Encryption Management Overview


Bitlocker management

Why choose between security, manageability and comprehensive encryption? Now, you don’t have to. With SecureDoc BitLocker SecureDoc on Top for BitLocker (SDOT) - WinMagic’s enhanced management solution for BitLocker, included within SecureDoc Enterprise - you can leverage SecureDoc’s advanced pre-boot protection and PBConnex technology that enables more flexible, scalable deployment and management.

Advanced features like PBConnex Network-brokered Authentication, Wireless Auto-boot, and multiple password reset options reduce downtime and increase user productivity, all while protecting your business from your most dedicated adversaries.

title bar 72bf44  Enhanced Security

SecureDoc’s pre-boot agent sits on top of BitLocker, enabling user-based PBA with Single Sign-On that’s both fast and secure. Now, businesses can enforce secure authentication, without disrupting the user experience.

  • Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA)
  • PBConnex Auto Boot via Wired or Wireless Network
  • Eliminates PIN-Sharing
  • Crypto Erase
  • Multi-Factor Authentication with Smartcards and Tokens
  • Store BitLocker Recovery keys in a secure, central database
  • Centralized Key and Policy Management
  • Web Browser Support for Identity
  • Management Systems (IdMS) at pre-boot

Icon Enhanced Security
Icon Better Manageability

title bar 72bf44  Better Manageability

Encryption needs to be secure, manageable, and not stand in the way of user productivity for it to be effective. SecureDoc on Top for BitLocker greatly reduces the cost and hassles of dealing with end-user challenges by making encryption more transparent for the end user, while decreasing the security risks of decryption and suspension.

  • Upgrade Windows OS without having to decrypt/re-encrypt devices
  • Password Sync with AD/LDAP user integration
  • Single sign-on
  • Zero-Touch Deployment & KeyFile Deployment
  • Self-help and Challenge Response password recovery
  • Simplified network-enabled deployment
  • Create, Deploy and Manage BitLocker policies directly from SES Management Console
  • Remote Device Management


title bar 72bf44  Comprehensive Encryption

BitLocker and MBAM are good solutions, but they’re Windows-only solutions, and can’t manage everything in a typical enterprise. Neither can SCCM or InTune.

SecureDoc supports multiple platforms, not limited to Windows-based devices, and protects sensitive data residing on multiple endpoints such as laptops, desktops, servers, removable media and IoT devices.

  • Protect native encryption solutions like BitLocker, dm-crypt and FileVault 2
  • Protect local folders and network shares with optional policy-driven SFE
  • Prevent data leakage with Disk Access Control, Port Control and OS-Agnostic RME (full or container-based)
  • Manage Opal-SEDs
Icon Comprehensive Encryption
Icon Simplified Compliance

title bar 72bf44  Simplified Compliance

With increasing regulatory pressure, businesses don’t just need protection, they need proof.

When it comes to compliance, knowledge, proof and expediency are king. You need an encryption solution that can provide you with immediate status on all encrypted devices in a single pane of glass, the controls to be able to ensure that encryption control is never in the hands of the end-user, and a means to quickly demonstrate compliance when requested by regulatory bodies.

  • Single Pane of Glass Monitoring
  • Advanced Reporting & Auditing tools
  • BitLocker Tamper Protection
  • Elimination of PIN sharing