Comprehensive Encryption - One Solution, Cross Platform Encryption

Data security in One Solution with Cross Platform Encryption

IT security is complex. Internet, Cloud, Mobile Devices, and Digital Transformation add further complexity, often resulting in increased risk of data breach threats.


In a recent forecast analysis, Gartner notes that “Through 2024, more than 60% of enterprises will purchase enterprise-wide encryption products, from fewer than 20% in 2018.” Gartner recommends that organizations “Minimize the number of encryption vendors where possible to simplify key management operations by leveraging solutions from a single vendor that can be applied to multiple data protection use cases”. In addition to one unified solution for all encryption, WinMagic believes that a leader in encryption can bring data operability between platforms for enterprises.

WinMagic is an award-winning innovation leader in the data security market with more than 20-years focus on encryption, with a global network of more than 2500+ customers across all industries, including some of the world’s most prestigious industry leaders. We are constantly on the forefront of adapting to both current and future data threats, continuously innovating our feature-rich and sophisticated solutions by taking advantage of the most advanced technologies provided by our strong alliances, technology partners, and integrated OEM partners.

WinMagic believes the right thing is that most data be encrypted at all times, except for the microseconds the data is being processed within the CPU. And, that this data should be available only to the end-user, authorized admins and the end recipient. This also applies when the data is in the cloud, running in environments controlled by the managed cloud service providers. WinMagic works diligently to apply its mission statement “Securing data globally through High Standards and Strong Ethics”.

The key to Modern IT and enabling digital transformation means a wider adoption of ecosystems and technologies. Large organizations can no longer constrain their IT environments to a single operating system, platform or application. To best manage this environment, organizations need a provider that has the capability to integrate and protect the modern breadth of platforms – physical endpoints, files and folders, virtual or cloud environments – with one single solution, regardless of the operating system.

Our Single Solution manages:
Unified Intelligent Key Management
Comprehensive Full Disk Encryption
Enhanced BitLocker Management
Self-Encrypting Drive Management
Removable Media Encryption
Secure File Encryption
Secure File Sharing
Physical and Virtual Server



Icon Comprehensive Full Disk Encryption COMPREHENSIVE FULL

SecureDoc allows enterprises to centrally manage encryption on devices across all platforms using a choice of SecureDoc FDE, FileVault2, BitLocker, dm-crypt, Self Encrypting Drives.

Enhance your BitLocker security using SecureDoc’s unique pre-boot networking capabilities;

  • Real-time authentication against AD
  • SSO and MFA using Smart Card and tokens
  • Supports multiple users per device
  • Seamless Password and user recovery

WinMagic’s SED certification program is trusted and used by world’s leading drive vendors for the past 5 years.

Icon Unified Intelligent Key Management UNIFIED INTELLIGENT

SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) allows enterprises to easily manage keys for SecureDoc devices and third party applications, platforms and entities (inside and outside the company) through a single console.

Tracks the encryption and compliance status of each device through a single pane of glass – giving the ability to quickly audit and create reports.

WinMagic Digital Eco System

Icon Physical and Virtual Servers PHYSICAL AND

Encrypt and centrally manage physical and virtual servers (including data centers, HCI) in private, cloud (AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud, etc..) and hybrid environments.

  • Exclusive on-premises control of encryption keys
  • Utilize world’s only enterprise Linux solution to encrypt and manage your Linux infrastructure

Certified for Scale Computing HC3 platforms. 






Icon Removable Media Encryption REMOVABLE MEDIA

Encrypts all removable media devices (including CD/DVD) and its content automatically through disk access control policies

Improves the user experience and productivity by:

  • Eliminating the need for users to enter passwords to access encrypted devices
  • Reducing the complexities required to manage user passwords, i.e. resets
  • Portability allows users to access encrypted devices on non-corporate devices
  • Cross platform support between Windows and Mac



Icon Enterprise File Encryption ENTERPRISE

SecureDoc File Encryption (SFE) provides transparent encryption on local and network folders providing an extra level of protection on top of FDE.

  • Folder policies are centrally enforced and managed through SES
  • Data access controls through SES intelligent key management determine which users can access encrypted data
Icon Worlwide Secure File Sharing WORLDWIDE

Enables end-users to easily create collaboration groups for secure file sharing internally and externally.

  • Provides seamless secure file sharing with any business partner anywhere in the world using public keys powered by Blockchain technology and distributed PKI
  • Securely share files using any platforms, i.e. OneDrive, emailattachments, or even USB thumb drives.
  • Removes the need for users to setup external user accounts toshare files using other solutions