Enterprise-Class Full Drive Encryption for Linux Servers

Encrypting Linux Servers

When it comes to its servers, Linux has built in encryption for several years now. Yet, enterprises still struggle with encryption on Linux servers. Our SecureDoc Linux for Servers solution builds on the capabilities available in Linux (such as dm-crypt), providing a layer of manageability that scales at an enterprise level, and facilitates compliance.

Comprehensive protection
From encryption set-up to IT Admin turnover, managing Linux’ basic tools independently pull resources away from more important tasks of running your business.  WinMagic’s SecureDoc Linux for Servers helps enterprises lock down Linux-based servers, and provide greater control than ever before. 

Separation of encryption into two components – encryption and key management – because the expertise to deliver these two components is quite different. SecureDoc works seamlessly with the Linux’ native encryption, layering on top of dm-crypt , rather than replacing it, to better manage encryption.

Live Conversion
SecureDoc takes Linux encryption management to the next level, permitting live conversion which allows admins and users to log-in and work on the machine while encryption occurs - removing the need to clear the disk and re-install the operating system before commencing encryption.

Enterprise Manageability for strengthened compliance
For enterprises facing potentially crippling penalties for a compliance failure under data protection regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, having a seamless and integrated key management solution for Linux- and Windows-based servers is essential.   With SecureDoc, operation, management and recovery of the servers are all possible within a single console.  The encryption status of each server is tracked to ensure its data is in a protected state, and is viewable in a single pane of glass – giving auditors and business leaders the certainty they need to pass a compliance audit.

In the event of theft, loss, unauthorized access, or decryption attempts by power users, SecureDoc can quickly crypto-erase keys rendering the server unreadable.

Richer Authentication
SecureDoc enables  PBConnex – our pre-boot network-based authentication solution – as an additional security measure to ensure data on servers is never left unprotected during reboots. 

SecureDoc for Linux Servers

Initial Live Conversion, allowing for encryption while working

Encrypt full disks, including root volumes with ease

Operate, manage recover, or Crypto Erase Linux or other OS-based servers within a single console