Encryption Solutions

WinMagic, Full Disk Encryption and Pre-Boot Authentication


WinMagic commits to our customers that WinMagic’s SecureDoc is the most comprehensive, feature-rich and sophisticated endpoint full disk encryption (FDE) solution.

The most disruptive component of FDE is typically Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA), where the authentication code must use the device hardware components without using the drivers that exist in the Operating System (OS). With 20+ years of continuous innovation, WinMagic offers sophisticated PBA, with support for multiple users, Multi-Factor Authentication, network-brokered authentication and policies including Active Directory login - all before the OS boots.

Further, WinMagic’s SecureDoc supports PBA, key management and centralized device management for heterogeneous platforms using SecureDoc encryption, Windows BitLocker, Linux dm-crypt and Self-Encrypting Drives.

PBA is complex, but that does not stop us from continuous improvement. WinMagic can offer robustness and reliability by addressing compatibility issues with a disciplined approach.  WinMagic will work with our customers to use more proven solutions, particularly when new technologies dictate that we take more time to make those technologies work reliably.