Simple and Secure OS Lifecycle Management

Bitlocker management

It is critical that with any device or OS deployment or migration that all data must be treated with respect. All sensitive information, including customer information, should have absolute security in place. You wouldn’t sit your company records on the curb while changing out your file cabinets, would you? So why put data in jeopardy for even a moment?

Prevent Data Loss

Reduce User Downtime


Reduce Migration & Deployment Costs

Gain Visibility into Standardize Processes


Gain Visibility into Device Status

Reliable Zero-touch, self-migration and remote

Streamline OS Deployments

Automatically provision standardized images for devices cross-enterprise, eliminating hardware and driver dependencies, and reducing project management  communications complexities

  • Employ software-based controls for deployment standardization across departments, personas, etc. (Universal Image support)
  • Expedite global standards adoption across the organization
  • Gain application consistency and security across functional roles
  • Improve communication workflow between project managers, users, etc.
  • Automate driver extraction process
  • Security upgrades – such as BIOS, UEFI, MBR to GPT, TPM – can be implemented without the need for re-formatting
  • Migrate User profiles to new domains without the need for trust
Streamline OS Deployments
Secure OS Migrations

Secure OS Migrations

Reduce the data security risks of OS migrations and maintenance activity in the enterprise by completely automating migration, and integrating data level encryption, ensuring data remains protected during the process

  • Easily migrate from Windows 7/8 to 10 within minutes, all without compromise to security or privacy of data
  • Integrate persistent lifetime* encryption.
  • Secure Snapshot and Rollback technology
  • Realize Intelligent Policy Management
  • Improve project management and reporting
  • Improve compliance posture by unifying encryption reporting & management
  • Discover zero-touch, self-migration and remote deployment capabilities

Maximize User Up-time

Reduce the costs associated with non-productive user downtime and burdensome Tech support request in the enterprise by streamlining and automating device and OS deployments, migrations and maintenance

  • Improve end user functionality and operability through automation and streamlined processes
  • Get real-time reporting on deployment and migration processes and encryption status
Maximize User Up time