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Passwordless Authentication

Single Sign On – Our Strongest and Most Secure Authentication


Why rely on dated, complex and unsecure passwords to authenticate users?  With WinMagic, get a comprehensive multi-platform client software supporting from the easiest to the highest end encryption needs. Your computing device – mainly the laptop – protected by SecureDoc, offers businesses an easy entry to the passwordless era, with fewest moving parts.  Simply being logged in to a SecureDoc-encrypted device can serve as the one-time set of credentials that permit users access to all approved applications and sites.

Physical Servers

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Icon WinMagic Eliminate needless Encryption Complexities

Strongest Secure Authentication

  • Users can use Single-Sign-On from pre-boot
  • The device provides the MFA
  • Leverage Software Token, Smart Cards (PIV), and TPM


Icon WinMagic Eliminate needless Encryption Complexities

Ease into Passwordless Authentication

  • Flexible and Easy to deploy
  • Helps solve the complexity and incompatibility problems many face with other existing early market solutions

Icon WinMagic Eliminate needless Encryption Complexities

Support for Multiple Authentication Scenarios

  • Windows, macOS & Linux
  • Web Applications
  • VPN, and more..


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