SecureDoc BitLocker Management


You say. We listen. We Act!


Your feedback is the key driver for our business.  It helps us to constantly improve our products and services.  That is why we are happy to introduce our newest solution SecureDoc BitLocker Management (SDBM) offering essentials for BitLocker deployment, management and compliance.

Microsoft’s BitLocker offers a seamless built-in OS encryption solution.  Most enterprises do require a management solution. WinMagic has been the innovative encryption leader for more than 20 years. We believe our expertise in this market will give small and large businesses a sensible choice ranging from basic to high-end solutions.

SDBM provides a lightweight BitLocker management solution that is:

  • Simple in Deployment
  • Cost-Effective  

For those who require higher security and manageability, SecureDoc products go beyond BitLocker management by taking over preboot authentication and with that WinMagic can offer the sophisticated key management of our SecureDoc Enterprises – the best of both worlds. SecureDoc Enterprise supports multi-platforms, not limited to Windows-based devices, and protects sensitive data residing on multiple endpoints such as laptops, desktops, servers, removable media, and IoT devices.

To learn more about SDBM and other WinMagic comprehensive encryption solutions, contact us at