Worldwide File Sharing

Often businesses need to enable their users to securely share files within the enterprise or with third parties.  Until now, there has been no easy way to do so.


WinMagic’s SecureDoc Beyond Crypto Engineering (BeyondCE) allows users to create their own groups of users and encrypt files such that only users in the group can decrypt the files.  The files themselves can be shared by any method including file sync and share products like DropBox, USB memory sticks, or plain old email.  Unlike file sync and share, with SecureDoc BeyondCE, the files are encrypted on the endpoint and only can be decrypted by the group members regardless of the configuration (or misconfiguration) of the file sync and share access controls – and, only on the authorized recipient endpoint. The group creation is easy, fast and secure, providing seamless secure file sharing

Icon WinMagic Seamless Global File Sharing

Seamless Global File Sharing

Provide seamless secure file sharing with business partners anywhere in the world using public keys powered by Blockchain technology and distributed PKI


Secure File Sharing

Platform-Agnostic Sharing

Securely share files using any platforms, (e.g. OneDrive), email attachments, or even USB thumb drives.


Icon WinMagic users with Administrator

Eliminate Needless Accounts

Remove the need for users to setup external user accounts to share files using other solutions