Enterprise Data Security and Compliance

Unified key management from endpoint to datacenter to cloud

SecureDoc by WinMagic | Industry-leading Endpoint Encryption
Industry-leading Endpoint Encryption

Unified Across Multi-OS, Multi-Platform IT

Dedicated Physical Servers

Dedicated Physical
SecureDoc for Servers

Servers are the foundation of your IT systems, often the powerhouse behind your most critical data. Protect your dedicated physical Windows or Linux Servers with encryption optimized for your backend infrastructure.

  • Protect your Windows Servers with FIPS 140-2 validated SecureDoc FDE or Microsoft BitLocker
  • Leverage OS-Agnostic Encryption for Windows and Linux Servers using TCG Enterprise Drives
  • Remotely boot, update and manage server in a secure environment with PBConnex technology

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Endpoints & Removable Media

Endpoints & Removable Media
SecureDoc Enterprise Encryption

Enterprises today run on multi-OS, multi-platform, and mobile IT infrastructure. You need a solution that not only protects your data and ensures compliance, but also reduces the cost and complexity of management.

  • Mix and match with the flexibility to use SecureDoc FDE, BitLocker or FileVault 2, and even OPAL SEDs
  • Prevent data leakage with Removable Media Encryption, Port Control, and Disk Access Controls
  • Simplify authentication, password resets and remote management with PBConnex

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Files and Network File Shares

Files and Network File Shares
SecureDoc File Encryption

Different departments, user groups and individuals have distinct sets of data. File-level encryption provides more granular access controls and layered protection with user or group-based keys.

  • Deploy defense-in-depth with fast, transparent encryption optimized for user experience
  • Enforce and automate file-level encryption across endpoints, file servers or Network-Attached Storage
  • Enable users to manually encrypt files and folders

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Unified Across Virtual Servers, Hyper-Converged Platforms and VDI

Virtual Servers and Private Cloud

Virtual Servers and Private Cloud
SecureDoc CloudVM

Virtualization brings huge financial and flexibility benefits, but also challenges with risk and compliance. Secure your workloads as they migrate, shift and clone across your data center and into the Cloud.

  • Protect workloads across virtual platforms including VMware vSphere, Citrix Xen and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Leverage portable, persistent encryption that travels with Windows and Linux VMs across hosts
  • Streamline deployment and automate DevOps with built-in installation packages and online encryption

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Hyper-Convergence Platforms

Hyper-Convergence Platforms
SecureDoc CloudVM

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) minimizes data center footprint and optimizes operations, but security and compliance concerns still remain. Protect your HCI platforms with high-performance, tested encryption.

  • Protect HCI with validated support for Scale Computing and Nutanix HCI platforms
  • Deploy portable, persistent encryption that travels with VMs across nodes, clusters and to the Cloud
  • Support typical HCI operations including DevOps, Back Up, Disaster Recovery and High Availability

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
SecureDoc CloudVM

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Next-Level Cloud Security

Next-Level Cloud Security

Unified Across Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud

SecureDoc CloudVM - Cloud IaaS

Cloud IaaS
SecureDoc CloudVM

Accelerated movement to IaaS (aka “Public Cloud”) is driving the need for data protection amongst growing security incidents and compliance requirements. Protect your data and retain control of encryption keys.

  • Protect Windows and Linux VMs across Azure VMs, AWS EC2, IBM Bluemix and more
  • Control when, where and how your workloads are accessed with policy-driven key management
  • Deploy encryption within seconds to Windows and Linux VMs without taking applications offline

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Hybrid or Multi-Cloud

Hybrid or Multi-Cloud
SecureDoc CloudVM

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud models reduce vendor lock-in, optimize operations and increase availability of resources. Likewise, your data protection solution should work seamlessly across your different cloud platforms.

  • Securely move VMs from data center to cloud, cloud to cloud, and back again without interruption
  • Eliminate management siloes with one console to manage keys across all regions, accounts and clouds
  • Enforce compliance and data governance consistently across all environments with a powerful policy engine

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Cloud EFSS

Cloud EFSS
SecureDoc CloudSync

Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) services like DropBox deliver seamless access to files in the Cloud, but protecting this data in these environments is more important than ever with the threat of data leakage.

  • Enforce transparent file encryption on cloud file shares through policy-based user access controls
  • Store and share files securely between multiple users or groups without the need for passwords
  • Access files on iOS and Android devices with a mobile app available on App Store and Google Play

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