Why Security is Important for Business

Operational Efficiency & Cost Reduction


To many, having ample security for your growing business may seem like a no-brainer. However, the importance of IT security is an issue that is often overlooked. After all, why put so much effort into all the other facets of a business if you are not going to do your due diligence in securing the safety of all your classified information?
WinMagic allows you to maintain the security of your IT through a system that is not only operationally efficient, but cost efficient as well. Hacking is becoming increasingly prevalent and for many businesses, it is both difficult and costly to bounce back from such an instance. Taking the preemptive measure of assigning a system built to protect you from a security breach as your business continues to grow is your best bet. 
Housing this complex system from a centrally managed location not only streamlines this process, it has the added benefit of cutting down on costs by trimming down the manual labour that may be present within your current model. All in all, you can take security measures to protect your business to combat the instance of external threats while still cutting down on costs.

Winmagic Data Security Keys Management

What You Can Expect From WinMagic

With a fully integrated, centrally managed security console, like SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES), you have the ability to contain costs and scale your IT infrastructure in a reliable way. When you manage your data from a single location it is easy to keep abreast of your data security health. In addition, with central management, you have greater control and consistency over automated policies that manage user access, password rules and policy managed key distribution – eliminating a major cost along with the attendant complexity.

WinMagic makes it easy to maintain your systems with our application aware software and single-pane view UI. This allows you to manage data security across any device on your network using a simple interface that reduces the number of clicks to complete any task. With this control, you will free up resources and reduce costs related to managing your systems.

In addition, with PBConnex, your systems are protected by the world’s only data and encryption solution that allows for pre-boot network-brokered authentication. This unique and ground-breaking approach to Full Disk Encryption (FDE) management results in significant cost savings for organizations by streamlining both IT management and end user functionality.

Reduce downtime
with simple management tools

Within a single-pane view, you have access to all key security management tools, including policy setting, password rules and user management. This allows you to have unprecedented control over your data from a single, simple console.

Full control over data security from a central location also allows you to manage device access recovery in the event of a forgotten password, lost or damaged token and other similar requests - with ease. For example, device access recovery through password resets using WinMagic are simplified and aided by PBConnex to the point that the active directory administrator can simply set a new password for the user, who can immediately use that to log into his or her device. Since other forms of access recovery requests can take the average administrator up to 15 minutes to complete, you can save countless hours by simplifying the process to complete these tasks.

Simplify regulatory compliance

Central data security management using WinMagic SES also helps to improve the speed at which you are able to prove compliance with privacy laws and payment processing standards. As a core element of our product, centralized management allows you to prove compliance by visiting only one location, without the need for add-on products or data export to additional tools. The result is simplicity and, of course, reduced cost of management.

SecureDoc Enterprise Server’s Compliance Reporting feature provides easy and up-to-date oversight into compliance across the organization while permitting you the ability to locate exactly where compliance may be incomplete.

SecureDoc Enterprise Server

SecureDoc Enterprise Server

Security, access and control for the enterprise. One console to manage the security and encryption of all devices regardless of platform.

SecureDoc for Servers

SecureDoc for Windows

For individual users seeking uncompromising data protection for their Windows-based desktops and laptops, keeping sensitive information secure.

SecureDoc CloudSync

SecureDoc for Filevault 2

Monitor and control encryption across your Apple Mac OS X and macOS devices with advanced Filevault 2 management.

SecureDoc CloudSync

SecureDoc for Lenovo

Comprehensive encryption solution for customers that want the best data security for their Lenovo hardware investment.

SecureDoc CloudSync

SecureDoc on Top For BitLocker

Encrypt with BitLocker, while tightening security through improved authentication and integration with SecureDoc SES and PBConnex.

SecureDoc for Filevault 2

SecureDoc for Linux Servers

All the capabilities of Linux  (such as dm-crypt), with a layer of manageability that scales at an enterprise level and facilitates compliance.

SecureDoc for Filevault 2

SecureDoc for OPAL SEDs

Always on encryption. Keys never leaves the drive. Authentication is done independent of the operating system

SecureDoc for Filevault 2

SecureDoc CloudVM

Volume and full disk encryption solution for your virtualized and cloud workloads.