WinMagic TCG SED Compatibility Certification Program

The WinMagic TCG Opal SED Compatibility Certification Program offers SED manufacturers the ability to leverage WinMagic expertise to test, validate and certify TCG SED specification implementations for compatibility with WinMagic software.

Driven by volume of requests from OEMs to test drives for compatibility

Now offer dedicated support to test/certify drives

Offers increased credibility to OEM’s TCG SED implementation

Peace of Mind for customers seeking compatible TCG SEDs including Opal 1.0, Opal 2.0 and Enterprise

Certified Secure

Why do we support SEDs?*

It’s about our customers: SEDs are easy to use, offering increased system performance, improved security and the ability to lower overall TCO.

  • SecureDoc supports all TCG OPAL-compliant SEDs
  • Long-standing relationship with SED OEM providers
  • Believe in supporting the TCG SED specifications for betterment of the industry
  • Goal is to help OEMs maximize their TCG SED integration

*SED encryption works in simple disk configurations. Hardware-level RAID is not supported.

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