WinMagic Announces Availability of Latest Version of SecureDoc

Latest Edition of SecureDoc Introduces New Features Including Microsoft BitLocker Management and Support for TCG Enterprise Drives

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA – April 23, 2014 - WinMagic Inc., the global innovator in data security, announced the availability of its latest edition of SecureDoc featuring BitLocker management enhanced with SecureDoc’s market-leading pre-boot network authentication solution, PBConnex.

In addition to BitLocker management, SecureDoc will now also support Trusted Computer Group (TCG) Enterprise drives. With these new developments, WinMagic is enabling customers to secure data in ways that are compatible with the most advanced storage approaches and common operating systems without experiencing any of the hassles typically associated with encryption management.

SecureDoc management for BitLocker offers customers the following:

  • Better control and security for BitLocker through the enablement of strong user authentication and multi-factor authentication. Administrators can leverage existing network log-in credentials (instead of only a PIN) in addition to multi-factor authentication with smart cards or other tokens to lock down system access and guarantee high-level security of devices. This multi-factor authentication approach is critical for many government institutions and organizations with high security requirements.
  • With PBConnex, SecureDoc allows for pre-boot network authentication – authenticating the users via the local network. This also enables IT managers to reset users’ passwords and make Active Directory role assignments without needing to visit each machine, and without users completing complicated password-challenge-response queries. This saves a dramatic amount of IT time without sacrificing the security of the devices.

In order to meet the demands of servers, larger storage is required to support TCG Enterprise drives. Enterprise Drives offer the best, most secure and efficient way to encrypt data on a disk. With OSA (OS Agnostic) for Servers, WinMagic has removed a key pain point for IT administrators and enabled remote unattended booting/rebooting of departmental servers via our pre-boot network authentication – something traditionally impossible for encrypted servers and something only WinMagic offers today.

The new version of SecureDoc is available now with pricing starting at approximately $109 per license for non-managed environments. Volume pricing is available and subject to negotiation for managed IT environments.

About WinMagic Inc.

Since 1997, WinMagic has made it easy to secure data by offering leading encryption and key management solutions. WinMagic is trusted by the largest healthcare, finance, education, retail, manufacturing and government organizations worldwide. They deploy WinMagic solutions to minimize business risks, meet privacy/regulatory compliance requirements and to protect valuable information.

WinMagic’s core offering, SecureDoc, ensures the security of data at rest by managing how it’s encrypted. SecureDoc makes the lives of IT and security administrators easier by securing data no matter where it resides and across any operating system. WinMagic’s unique pre-boot functionality, PBConnex, delivers significant cost and time savings to IT pros, while making the solution more secure than the competition. SecureDoc ensures data security even as IT environments change, including transitions to BYOD (bring your own device) and cloud computing.

With a full complement of professional and customer services, WinMagic supports over 5 million SecureDoc users in more than 80 countries.

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