WinMagic and Public Works and Government Services Canada

Supply Arrangement makes it easy and cost effective for federal government to protect all data with WinMagic’s SecureDoc full-disk encryption

Toronto, Ontario – Jan 11, 2012 – WinMagic® (, the prominent innovator in disk encryption, has been awarded a Canadian Government Supply Arrangement by Public Works and Government Services Canada.  The Supply Arrangement makes it easy and cost effective for all Canadian federal government departments, agencies and crown corporations to purchase commercial, off-the-shelf software from strategically-important software vendors that regularly supply the Canadian government.  WinMagic has qualified for the highest available single purchase order dollar value ($100,000), and its Class 1 listed resellers can now compete for each purchase of WinMagic’s SecureDoc full-disk encryption (FDE) software licenses and technical support contracts.

Supply Arrangements save time and money by prequalifying suppliers and establishing the basic terms and conditions that will apply to a specified range of goods or services.  They also give client departments the flexibility to either solicit bids competitively or negotiate for their specific requirements to obtain the best value possible.  The list of pre-qualified suppliers is used as a source list for the procurement, and only suppliers who are pre-qualified at the time individual bid solicitations are issued are eligible to bid.

This announcement follows hot on the heels of WinMagic being named as a data security supplier for the United States Army Golden Master (AGM) program.  WinMagic’s SecureDoc FDE software will protect all data at rest for the United States Army and its customers purchasing a Mac for use on LandWarNET, the U.S. Army’s portion of the global information grid which consists of all globally-interconnected, end-to-end Army information capabilities supporting war fighters, policy makers, and support personnel.

“The Canadian Government has always been one of WinMagic’s largest global clients, and so we are proud that this award recognizes the important role our SecureDoc FDE solution has played in protecting government data,” said Thi Nguyen-Huu, CEO, WinMagic Inc.  “WinMagic has always been an encryption innovation leader, and has worked with the Canadian government for many years to provide user- and administrator-friendly enterprise-class data protection for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.  WinMagic’s innovative solutions, such as SecureDoc with PBConnex, the first full-disk encryption solution with pre-boot networking, have been responsible for eliminating many of the traditional barriers to data protection by making it just as easy to deploy, manage and use encrypted devices as unencrypted devices – making it a good fit for the Canadian government from both a security and cost perspective.”

PBConnex a feature of SecureDoc, authenticates users and encrypted devices against Active Directory and the SecureDoc Enterprise Server in the pre-boot environment – before the key to decrypt and load the operating system is available.  As passwords can be reset directly in Active Directory, users are spared a lengthy password reset procedure – greatly simplifying use and administration by making it easy to instantly log on to new systems.  PBConnex also eliminates the need to replicate user access credentials onto devices and, if previously required, the need to set up separate password reset mechanisms for other full-disk encryption solutions – making it just as easy for users to access a network from an encrypted device as an unencrypted device. For more information on SecureDoc and PBConnex, please visit