WinMagic Encryption & Key Management Wins ROI for Sudbury

IT Department at Ontario Municipality Selects WinMagic’s SecureDoc for Increased Data Security

Mississauga, Ontario – December 16, 2015 – WinMagic, Inc. today announced that SecureDoc has been selected by the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario to encrypt data stored across 400 employee laptops. WinMagic’s SecureDoc encrypts data on various devices, closely manages encryption keys and enables seamless user authentication and data access, so encryption does not inhibit productivity. SecureDoc protects data on the endpoint, where the data is created, regardless of the device or platform where it’s accessed or saved.

The City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, formerly comprised of six separate municipalities, has since merged into one booming metropolis and is now home to more than 160,000 residents. The City of Greater Sudbury’s IT department, specifically the department that handles hardware and technology, manages critical infrastructure for practically every facet of the entire city. Tasked with meeting the technology needs within departments such as Public Works, Fire & Emergency Services and Water Treatment, the IT team needed an efficient encryption solution that required minimal initial deployment efforts and low ongoing maintenance.

The previous encryption solution produced a string of issues for the city. Reoccurring issues of data loss and corruption, coupled with an increasingly high volume of help desk calls related to employee login efforts, required far more maintenance than the solution was worth. The IT team selected WinMagic’s SecureDoc because it was efficient enough for a corporate-wide rollout and did not compromise employee productivity or consume too much of the technical team’s time.

“A public organization such as the City of Greater Sudbury that takes the encryption of data across a high volume of endpoints seriously, further proves a massive global industry shift towards the adoption of intelligent key management and better data security,” said Mark Hickman, Chief Operating Officer, WinMagic. “Being able to replace a competitive solution with SecureDoc across the City of Greater Sudbury’s environment has resulted in significant time savings and ROI benefits for our customer.”

SecureDoc is now deployed to the department’s 400 laptops. The team projects this end-user number to constantly grow as more and more users require a mobile workstation.

“Maintaining data security and compliance across an entire municipality, especially one that spreads a vast geographic region, is no easy task,” said Jim Dolson, Manager of Hardware and Technology, City of Greater Sudbury. “WinMagic’s SecureDoc provides us with the level of encryption and intelligent key management that speaks volumes to the kind of industry standards we’re required to adhere to. Since deployment, we’re confident that the critical data of our City’s taxpayers and our organization’s devoted employees is secure.”


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