Cybernet Systems partners to sell WinMagic SecureDoc in Japan

June 14, 2018 TOKYO – WinMagic Japan K.K. (hereinafter called WinMagic, Headquarter: Mianto-ku TOKYO, Country Manager: Tsutomu Ishiyama), a Japanese subsidiary company of a disk encryption software leading company, WinMagic Corp., today announced that they have entered into primary distributor agreement with Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Cybernet, Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku TOKYO, President & CEO: Kuniaki Tanaka).

As Windows 10 has become popular, the need for disk encryption software that runs stably on Windows 10 is enhancing rapidly. Since Cybernet has a rich experience for disk encryption products, they have remarkable insights for enterprise security which leads for expectation in expanding the share of WinMagic SecureDoc in the encryption market.

Key Benefits of WinMagic SecureDoc
Through its disc encryption function, WinMagic SecureDoc seamlessly handles large updates securely with Windows 10 PC’s hard disc encrypted, while no need for system managers and users to prepare or operate accordingly.

It works with Windows Update which is conducted on desktop or system shutdown, and by applying ReflectDrivers’ technology, automatically adds WinMagic SecureDoc’s driver to the local update file. Through this function, WinMagic SecureDoc enables large updates of Windows 10 while retaining hard disc encrypted, without any efforts of system managers and users which will be the same operation with existing Windows Updates.

There are 3 kinds of operation approach for WinMagic SecureDoc. Encrypt disc and manage through encryption function, encrypt disc with BitLocker and manage pre-boot authentication and recovery key, or encrypt with Self-Encryption Drive (Opal specification SED) and manage pre-boot authentication and encrypted mode. Either operation approach can update Windows 10 while keeping hard disc encrypted.

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June, 2018

(Tomoya Kotani, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.)
“Through partnership with WinMagic, Cybernet will expand selling WinMagic SecureDoc, a comprehensive solution for PC’s DLP which is a foundation of enterprise information security, toward expiration of extended support for Windows7 in early 2020. Additionally, we are planning to set forward product integrations to satisfy enterprise user’s requirement such as integrating with IT asset management solution.”

(Mark Hickman, Chief Operating Officer, WinMagic Corp.)
“We’re excited for the potential opportunity of this partnership with Cybernet and what it means for their customers,” said Mark Hickman, Chief Operating Officer at WinMagic. “WinMagic has a long track record of providing world leading encryption management solutions through our suite of SecureDoc products. As long-term contributors to creating simple and secure data migration processes for enterprise customers, the ability to work with a strong data security player such as Cybernet means we can jointly offer customers the solutions their businesses require to reduce the time, effort, complexities and risk involved with integrating and migrating IT and operating systems – gaining more clarity and control than they’ve ever had in the process.”

About Cybernet
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. offers leading software solution services for scientific computation area, especially CAE solutions and provides software, education service, technical support and consulting for various industries and areas such as electrical equipment, transportation equipment, machinery, precision mechanical equipment, medical and education/research institute. In particular, meeting various customer needs by handling diverse and global level software such as structural analysis, injection molding analysis, acoustic analysis, mechanical analysis, control system analysis, communication system analysis, signal process, optics design, illumination analysis, electronic circuit design, general-purpose visualization process, AR & VR and medical image processing. The Company also offers IT asset management tools which enable efficient management of enterprise-held PC/smart devices as well as IT solution which prevents leakage/unauthorized access against personal information, confidential information and enhances enterprise security level through its packages and Cybernet Cloud.

About WinMagic
WinMagic, one of the most respected names in the data security business, encrypts over 8 million endpoints in 84 countries. Our award-winning comprehensive encryption and unified intelligent key management solution is the best protection against sophisticated threats and data loss.  Through WinMagic’s data centric approach to security, our SecureDoc suite of services ensure that data is protected wherever it is stored within any end point, physical or virtualized data center, or Cloud IaaS environment. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-879-5879.