Simple & Secure BitLocker Management

Simply put, BitLocker needs a management solution to be more effective for most businesses.
But that doesn’t mean that you need to trade off manageability for security.

While some larger enterprises are willing to accept the task of licensing, managing or maintaining Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM), InTune, SCCM or even Active Directory management, most businesses don’t need or want such a heavy solution.  In fact, most organizations have small IT teams, or teams that are already stretched in terms of resources or budgetary limitations.   WinMagic’s lightweight BitLocker management solution, BitMana, was designed specifically to address the smaller IT team.

Being ‘lightweight’ doesn’t mean that BitMana offers barebones value.  Quite the contrary.  In fact, it’s packed with great benefits:

Choose Your Preferred
Pre-Boot Authentication Mode

Use the existing pre-boot authentication provided by BitLocker in TPM-only or TPM+PIN mode – avoiding PBA compatibility challenges with other solutions.

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Improve Encryption
Key Management & Auditing

Leverage WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server to get intelligent key management and the ability to securely store, manage, and monitor BitLocker Recovery keys from a single pane of glass console – giving administrators real-time data to help see and report on compliance.


Security Encryption Key Management

BitMana  provides a simple to deploy, easy to manage solution that improves your BitLocker security, and saves you operational costs.
Check out some of BitMana’s Key Benefits:


Icon Enhanced SecurityEnhanced Security

BitMana improves upon BitLocker’s encryption capabilities by providing IT administrators with tools to better manage BitLocker recovery keys.

  • Store BitLocker Recovery keys in a secure, central database (SES)
  • Centralized Key and Policy Management
  • BitLocker Tamper Protection: Prevent users and processes from decrypting or suspending BitLocker and putting your data at risk


Data Encryption ManageabilityBetter Manageability

With BitMana, better enforce and manage your authentication policies and recovery functions with a simple software client, making BitLocker more cost-effective and simpler to manage , so you don’t need to trade-off security for the sake of manageability.

  • Supports BitLocker Recovery keys
  • Remote device management
  • Active Directory User Integration: Businesses can leverage their existing Active Directory domain structure and Organizational Units (OUs) to assign device profiles to devices, users, groups or OUs


Icon Simplified ComplianceSimplified Compliance

When it comes to compliance, knowledge, proof, and expediency are king. Get immediate status on all encrypted devices in a single pane of glass, and quickly demonstrate compliance when requested.

  • Advanced Reporting & Auditing tools
  • BitLocker Tamper Protection Auditing




BitMana provides the essentials for BitLocker deployment, management and compliance, If your risk assessment or management indicates the requirement for full-fledged user-based pre-boot authentication to protect your data, WinMagic allows you to seamlessly upgrade to SecureDoc Enterprise and take advantage of our advanced BitLocker Management features.

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