Cloud Encryption

Cloud Encryption: Cloud Key Management, Cloud IAAS, Cloud Compliance, Multi-Cloud Encryption, Cloud Dev Ops Security

Cloud Encryption

Unified Encryption and Intelligent Key Management for Cloud Workloads
Ultimately, your enterprise is responsible for protecting your data and workloads in the cloud. The best way to do that is with an encryption solution that protects your data wherever it is in your virtual and cloud environments – and ensures only you have control of your keys.

Time and effort spent trying to manage multiple data security solutions is time not spent growing your business. WinMagic understands this. That’s why we’ve leveraged all the strengths developed in our endpoint encryptionto create SecureDoc CloudVM – a flexible, high-performance data security solution for virtualized or cloud workloads at rest or on the move. Protect against undisclosed government access, malicious insiders, third party intrusions and accidental loss.


SecureDoc CloudVM is perfect for enterprises seeking greater control and certainty over their data security regardless if a VM is active or has been deleted, and wherever it is in the DevOps cycle.

Enterprise and policy-based control for virtual workloads

  • Protects Cloud IaaS workloads, data, and DevOps environments against breach
  • Enables fast online and offline conversion
  • Supports and facilitates compliance
  • Simplifies deployment and daily admin tasks


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Cloud IAAS

Cloud IaaS
Protect personal data stored on your endpoints across your data center and in the public cloud with a single encryption platform.

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cloud compliance

Cloud Compliance
Centrally enforce access controls on endpoint devices, files and folders, and workloads in the cloud to prevent unauthorized access.

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Multi Cloud Encryption

Enforce logical boundaries and controls for your data to prevent data sprawl and comply with restrictions on the transfer of personal data outside the EU.

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Cloud DevOps Security

Meet your security and compliance needs with the speed and transparency expected by DevOps – so you can focus on growing your business safely.

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