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Eliminate passwords to provide secure, seamless user experience, and better return of investment on user authentication.

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The future of access control for devices, software and services is both easier to use and more secure than present offerings. By adopting SecureDoc Passwordless Authentication (PA), you can bring your company into this future. 


Title Green Bar Solving Problems with SecureDoc PA:

  • Reduce password management overhead
  • Eliminate the need to purchase additional hardware and software by transforming laptops and other endpoints into 'the MFA device' that enables users to securely authenticate to applications
  • Thwart costly credential-focused attacks like Business Email Compromise by protecting remote authentication with asymmetric encryption
  • Support authentication scenarios including MS Office 365, Windows Login, VPN, Salesforce, and other FIDO compatible SaaS applications and services
  • Remove the need to deploy siloed solutions with centrally managed encryption and authentication policies through SecureDoc Enterprise Servers

Title Green Bar Benefits of Passwordless Authentication

  • Self-recovery for authentication - unique and versatile backup and recovery options for users
  • Support portability - for users that need to access applications on non-primary devices, loaners
  • Local auditing - ensure users know which applications are being protected using SecureDoc PA
  • SecureDoc PA supports the most MFA devices all users across an IT environment can use passwordless authentication: including Phones, USB Tokens, and the device itself


User authentication via SecureDoc PA is simple to use and fully portable, with no backend complexity to contend with. Your team members' existing devices become their authenticators, allowing streamlined logins without adding extra keys and devices to the workflow, while giving significant choice regarding what serves as a security key.

The Passwordless Authentication Process Visualized

How does SecureDoc PA work? This diagram shows the process in action:

Passwordless Authentication Process Diagram

Here are the steps that go into the process: 
line break

Circle icon Number 01

The user makes a simple
local gesture (enter a PIN,
complete a biometric scan,
or simply click "OK")


Circle icon Number 02

The server employs
asymmetric encryption to
authenticate the user

Circle icon Number 03

The user is logged
into the system


That's all — it's secure and simplified, all at once.


Passwordless Lock Icon

Password protection as it exists today has several liabilities associated with it. Managing password systems can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process, and no matter how well-implemented these solutions are, the risk of compromise remains.

Today, businesses lose millions of dollars in productivity even when their password management systems are working as intended. Organizing and using traditional passwords is user-unfriendly and slows everyday operations.

When these systems are breached, the damage is even greater. A compromised password can give bad actors access to a business’ core systems, from proprietary information to mission-critical infrastructure.

Moving to new authentication methods and turning devices of your choosing into security keys is therefore the clear choice for companies of all sizes and industries. Your organization doesn’t have to put this evolution off. You can begin the journey toward a passwordless future now, by adopting SecureDoc Passwordless Authentication for your login needs.

You can get immediate results by implementing SecureDoc PA
as an authentication method for systems including:

Purple Checkmark Green Circle Business email servers
Purple Checkmark Green Circle Microsoft Office 365


Purple Checkmark Green Circle VPN
Purple Checkmark Green Circle Windows Login

Purple Checkmark Green Circle Popular web SaaS
applications (including


All these systems are now accessible through the secure and convenient mediums of passwordless authentication or two step, and more solutions are being added over time. As cloud solutions become more central to companies’ network environments, passwordless authentication can play an especially prominent role in access control.

Part of the value of logging in via SecureDoc Passwordless Authentication comes from the solution’s ability to work in so many contexts. When logging into websites and SaaS applications compatible with FIDO, this system can act as part of a secure two-factor authentication process. For some applications such as Microsoft Office 365, there is no longer a need to enter a user’s password at all.

Passwordless Key Icon

SecureDoc Passwordless Authentication creates a security key that turns a device into an authentication factor. This makes unlocking the application easy, and locks out unauthorized users who don’t have access to that device.

The device turned into the security key can be one of many assets your employees already possess. This means that instead of introducing another piece of hardware into the workflow, SecureDoc Passwordless Authentication is compatible with the way your people already operate and the tools they use every day.

The security key can be:
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Passwordless TPM Icon

A trusted platform module (TPM) within a device that supports FIDO technology


Passwordless smartphone Icon

A user’s smartphone, using the device’s Bluetooth capability


Passwordless PC Icon

A FIDO Alliance-certified software authenticator saved to a user device


Passwordless USB Icon

A token saved to a USB device, especially valuable for companies already using USB authentication


The above security keys can potentially be unlocked by biometric measures or local user gestures for an added level of authentication and identity verification.

Because you have options about the ways your employees can authenticate their access to applications, devices and networks, you can select a model that mirrors the login workflows you already have in place. Rather than requiring drastic changes to the ways your employees work, SecureDoc Passwordless Authentication fits right in and simplifies an everyday process.


For years, passwordless authentication has been a technology of the future, something to work toward. Now, it has arrived. You can get in touch to learn how you can improve your login and access control workflows by transforming your assets into passwordless security keys.

Not only does SecureDoc Passwordless Authentication deliver a smooth and secure access control process now, it sets your organization up for the future. As passwordless authentication becomes more common in the years to come, you can benefit from having already adopted this method.

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