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SecureDoc File Encryption (SFE)

SecureDoc File Encryption (SFE) is a key component of WinMagic's SecureDoc data security software. SecureDoc FE enables users and administrators to encrypt specific files and folders on a device or on the network.

SecureDoc FE uses the same AES 256-bit encryption that is used for the full disk encryption on a computer. While full-disk encryption solutions encrypt the entire hard drive, FE is an application where users can manually encrypt individual files and folders that they wish to protect. It offers an additional layer of security on top of full disk encryption.

Central Management

  • IT Administrators can centrally manage encryption keys and provision to authorized users
  • Administrators can control which files and folders need to be encrypted to ensure business security policies and broader regulatory policies are in compliance


  • Files moved off an encrypted drive remain encrypted
  • Files stored on a local network can also be encrypted

Ease of Use

  • Drag and drop approach to encrypting specific files and folders offers a simple, familiar way for users to manage files and folders that need to be encrypted

SecureDoc (FE) is a key security extension of SecureDoc Enterprise Server - encryption software that places all security-related management under one centralized enterprise server, including policies, password rules, and the manageability of encryption across PC (Windows XP SP3, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10), Mac and Linux platforms alike. Find out more about how SES can enhance the integrity of your organization’s security.

SecureDoc Enterprise Server

SecureDoc Enterprise Server

Security, access and control for the enterprise. One console to manage the security and encryption of all devices regardless of platform.

SecureDoc for Servers

SecureDoc for Windows

For individual users seeking uncompromising data protection for their Windows-based desktops and laptops, keeping sensitive information secure.

SecureDoc CloudSync

SecureDoc for Filevault 2

Monitor and control encryption across your Apple Mac OS X and macOS devices with advanced Filevault 2 management.

SecureDoc CloudSync

SecureDoc for Lenovo

Comprehensive encryption solution for customers that want the best data security for their Lenovo hardware investment.

SecureDoc CloudSync

SecureDoc on Top For BitLocker

Encrypt with BitLocker, while tightening security through improved authentication and integration with SecureDoc SES and PBConnex.

SecureDoc for Filevault 2

SecureDoc for Linux Servers

All the capabilities of Linux  (such as dm-crypt), with a layer of manageability that scales at an enterprise level and facilitates compliance.

SecureDoc for Filevault 2

SecureDoc for OPAL SEDs

Always on encryption. Keys never leaves the drive. Authentication is done independent of the operating system

SecureDoc for Filevault 2

SecureDoc CloudVM

Volume and full disk encryption solution for your virtualized and cloud workloads.