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Server Encryption

Server Encryption - Workload Encryption, Access Control, and Key Management


Reduce operational challenges and boost your enterprise security

Nowadays, your critical data is spread widely across multiple locations – office servers, virtualized infrastructure, your private enterprise clouds, as well as public cloud services such as AWS, Azure, and more. It makes keeping track of all your data harder than ever – especially when it’s moved between servers or VMs. Server encryption becomes more important especially as your IT infrastructure moves into the cloud.   

The biggest security challenge for today’s enterprises is delivering a well-managed, fully integrated encryption strategy that secures your critical data no matter where it resides or how far it moves. One that supports productivity – while protecting your customers, your IP, and your business reputation. The good news? WinMagic can help you achieve all that – simply and cost-effectively.

With the widest support for physical, virtualized servers, public and private clouds, SecureDoc for Servers and SecureDoc CloudVM enables a fully unified encryption strategy for all your workloads across any endpoint, virtualized or cloud IaaS environment.

SecureDoc CloudVM increases enterprise security, facilitates encryption compliance, reduces complexity, and removes encryption silos within the enterprise. What’s more, it does it all from a single platform, with simplified visibility and management from a single pane of glass. Critically, you also get exclusive control of all your encryption keys, further reducing the risk of any unauthorized breaches, or key transference.


Server Encryption

Workload Encryption

Under ever-increasing pressure to deliver more value and reduce costs, enterprises everywhere have already made the move to the cloud or virtualized environments. But in terms of data security, these bring challenges of their own – especially in terms of admin team time, manpower, and cost.

Reduce encryption challenges and boost your enterprise security
SecureDoc CloudVM helps reduce the management workload on your IT admin teams by simplifying and automating key security tasks, while ultimately reducing costs. That includes full remote management and deployment thanks to SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) – an integral part of WinMagic’s encryption and key management solution.

WinMagic’s SES console gives you a complete overview of all your VMs, workloads, and cloud instances. You’ll be able to quickly identify which VMs are secure, spot the ones that need attention and, using our expert toolkit, bring them back into compliance – fast.

Access Control

A true visionary in the cloud security, virtual server security and virtualization space, our approach to cloud security is unique. We understand that a true foundation for data security requires your enterprise to have ultimate responsibility and control over your own data, and your keys.

Today’s Cloud Service Provider (CSP) model adds a significant impediment to this goal.  When leaving your encryption keys in control of the CSP you risk keys being accessed by rogue CSP admins, discovered in a side attack, or disclosed to government parties without your knowledge. OS-specific security, lack of portability cloud compliance, and complexity of managing disparate solutions all add to the numerous security gaps.

Plug the security gaps and improve your compliance in the cloud
Without more comprehensive key management and stronger authentication, these native encryption solutions may not actually be enough to satisfy regulatory requirements – or stave off more advanced attacks. Up until recently, customers have had no choice but to hand over the key to all their cloud data. Now, WinMagic is offering another way to safely and securely solidify access control for enterprises.

SecureDoc CloudVM’s in-guest encryption feature ensures that encryption keys remain in the exclusive control of the enterprise at all times, greatly reducing the risk of data breach due to key loss or unauthorized access. 

Key Management

Encryption and key management go hand-in-hand. They are both essential partners in the data security. Your key management policy needs to work across all the different platforms you use throughout the enterprise, securing your organization’s data wherever it resides. Yet, some fear introducing tighter key management controls because they can be potentially complex and slow down productivity. Not with WinMagic.

Boost productivity and business flow
Take advantage of a single enterprise-controlled platform for all your cloud security strategies. You’ll be able to enforce policies on who and where data can be accessed and read, so that, even when it leaves the enterprise, your data remains fully protected from unauthorized access.

You can use this same policy engine to enforce internal data compliance conditions, good data governance, and legal requirements on the protection of data. What’s more, the experience is fully transparent and near frictionless for end-users – never impacting business performance or productivity.

Access Control

Physical Servers Security

Protect physical servers against theft and loss from malicious insiders or third-party intrusion. SecureDoc CloudVM locks down data, ensuring you have complete control over encryption keys, and giving you the visibility and control you need to meet any compliance demands – all while feeling confident your data is safe.

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Icons Virtual Servers

Virtual Server Security

Enjoy complete data protection, even across your Hybrid Cloud IaaS environment. SecureDoc CloudVM supports the portability you need to keep agile and stay protected.

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Icons Public and private cloud

Public and Private Cloud Security

Integrating full encryption of your private cloud with a huge range of public cloud encryption services, SecureDoc CloudVM delivers all the advantages of a fully unified encryption strategy.

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